The Meddler : Funny (spoiler)

Funny (spoiler)

Susan, talking to the guard at the NY airport: "My daughter is shooting a pilot" you have to see it to know how clever this line was in the movie.

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This may have been the only funny line tin the movie. I walked out on it 30 minutes in!

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Another funny spot was when they discover their mistake of an ovulation kit for a pregnancy home test. That got the most laughs at the showing I attended.

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"My daughter is shooting a pilot"

That was cleverly written. :) I also laughed at the ovulation tests.

This part may only be funny to parents of kids of a certain age, but the one that made me laugh until my cheeks hurt was Zipper's line to Marnie about his daughter:

"Yeah, I thought I'd drive out there tomorrow and let her yell at me in person." LOL

"Thinking" involves a lot more work than simply "having a thought"!