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Valentine's episode

Awesome that they got the valentine's episode near Valentine's Day as S2E14.

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Re: Valentine's episode

Yep! It was a good one too!

Re: Valentine's episode

THAT'S why there was that 5 week hiatus at just before Christmas! It all makes sense now.

I agree - it was a GREAT episode.

Right at the end where Amy and Jonah were breaking down (and breaking) Valentine's Day displays was awesome.

One shot was Amy breaking a large cardboard heart over Jonah's head.

Next shot was Jonah hitting Amy with something. I figured someone would complain about that. I guess not.

The last shot was hilarious. There was another co-worker already setting up the display for St. Patrick's Day.

Heck...I thought he would have been setting up displays for Easter. But...that's just me.

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