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Here's a link you'll find shows from the golden age of television. Poke around and you'll find movies, old time radio and more.

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Has anyone enjoyed the episode of "The Chevy Show" with Dinah Shore I uploaded? (Yes, I'm the much-hated uploader "The_Emperor_Of_Television").

I also recommend you check out this collection I made of brief, often humorous excerpts from public domain TV series:

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Thank you for that link! Do you post Australian stuff on Archives? I have found some on it. I love that site - Thank you and others for uploading that stuff. Everytime I go on the site, it's like being in Italy and turning off onto a side road and finding awhole new adventure. I go on Archives just to do a few things, but one thing leads to another. I find new stuff every single time I go on it to download stuff - movies, tv shows, otr etc.

Thank you again.

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Video-Cellar does the uploads of Australian material.

I wish I could upload Australian TV programming of the 1950s, but it's near-impossible, even though the shows are public domain. For example, the only way for me to view "Autumn Affair" (1958-1959, of which a near-complete run exists), Australia's first locally-produced dramatic TV series, is to request see a DVD-R copy of four episodes (#1, #10, #20 and #40) at the Melbourne Mediatheque. Which isn't that easy...

Although Australian TV schedules were dominated by US programming, there were still quite a few locally-made series. For example, during the first few months of TV in Sydney/Melbourne (late 1956), over 20 Australian-made series debuted.

I've been submitting IMDb pages for these series, but locating info is often very difficult. Even finding the names of the cast is near-impossible for some series.

Here are links to the IMDb pages for some of the 1956 debuts in Sydney:

Here are links to the IMDb pages for some of the 1956 Melbourne series:

Although the 1956 series were very simple, the series did get a more complex in 1957, such as with these 1957 Melbourne series (over 40 Australian-made series debuted that year):

I'm posting all of these links, because there is a myth that Australia did not produce shows in the 1950s other than game shows. This myth has gotten out of control.

I just wish that I could upload some of them. The Internet Archive needs more classic TV from countries other than the US. Over 25 countries had TV by 1958...where are their shows?

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Thank you for the links.

I hadn't heard of the myth of Australia and game shows only. But it's good to know that. Similarly, in the last eight years, I have learned that America has been given too much credit in some things such as film history vs other countries. I don't know if that is only for the majority of us Americans to be so "ignorant" on the true history of "things" - the other countries contribution. Or does that exist all over the world? - Other countries not knowing their contributions?

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It's a myth often repeated by the Australian media. I've looked through countless Australian TV schedules of the 1950s, and if any genre is dominant among local content, it is the variety/music series. That said, the schedules as a whole are much US-dominated.

Though I do admit that there was little Australian-produced television drama in the 1950s, being limited to "Autumn Affair" (1958-1959), "Emergency" (1959), and semi-series "Shell Presents" (1959-1960). There was also some additional one-off plays.

I viewed "Autumn Affair" some weeks ago and found it to be quite decent for a soap opera.

BTW, did you know that the US drama series to be shown on Australian TV (excluding those shown during experimental/trial broadcasts) was "Racket Squad", and the first US sitcom to be shown here was "Our Miss Brooks"?

Another myth the Australian media often repeat is the myth that there wasn't any way to record live shows in 1956. Of course, you and I know that kinescope recording had been invented, and indeed, I know of a surviving kinescope recording made by Melbourne station ABV-2 during 1956 of a sporting event.

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Recently uploaded an episode of "The Perry Como Show" from 1957, I hope the upload turned out OK:

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Am I allowed to post links to my uploads on the Internet Archive?

For example, my latest upload is a public domain 1956 episode of "Ford Star Jubilee" titled "You're the Top":

I hope the upload plays back properly.

Do any episodes survive of 1950s Australian version of "What's My Line"?