Classic TV: The 50s : Annette


RIP Annette. I was an avid watcher of the Mickey Mouse Club and all things Disney that was on TV and in the movies.

Re: Annette

Yes, RIP. I also loved the MMC & Annette was my favorite. A lot of people back then said I looked like her & I was so flattered by that.

"Sing until your throat hurts, dance until your legs hurt, act until you're William Hurt."

Re: Annette

I was so flattered by that.

And you had a right to be because she was a cutie. Also she was a good example.
I saw a documentary about her right before she died and it made me cry. I did not realize she had gotten so ill. At that time; the doctors said she was beginning to show slight improvement from a new treatment but then she died.

I have MS but have been blessed because it has been in remission for years. I was blind in one eye for a while but thankfully that was effectively treated and I never had another problem with my eyesight.

I had the chance to work with Michael Jackson who was as brilliant as they come.
Tommy Mottola