Classic TV: The 50s : The Continental

The Continental

The inspiration for Christopher Walken's sketches on SNL, this show apparently didn't last very long because of its nature--as mentioned on its IMDb board, few
women (and even fewer men) would ever admit to watching a show which only emphasized how lonely they were. Do episodes of this show exist anywhere? I only remember seeing a seconds-long clip of the series on a PBS "History of Television" documentary a few decades back. Also I remember seeing, as a kid,
a Popeye cartoon that parodied the show, so it must have been more popular than
people back then would have liked to admit. Does anyone know of anybody who actually watched it regularly?

I'm not crying, you fool, I'm laughing!


Re: The Continental

I've heard of it but I didn't watch it. I was just a little kid in the 50s.