Classic TV: The 50s : New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Also including late-night (Wednesday) programming. Since it was a big city it had more stations to choose from than most of the US, but some of the stations were on UHF at a time when many TV sets could only recieve VHF.

These are the TV listings for the New York City area (I think) for Tuesday 24 November 1959 (gee, did I just give away the fact I'm not American? Not that it matters or anything).

The listings are sourced from digital scans of a old defunct newspaper called “Red Bank Register”. Which wasn't a New York City newspaper.

There is a lot of short-hand in the newspaper listings, and shows being referred to by the name of their star (“Sandy Becker”, “Phil Silvers”, “Arthur Murray”). I've usually maintained the short-hand for the lists here, except in a few cases.

It's an interesting line-up, including many classics and some questionable turkeys.

WCBS-TV (Channel 2)
6:15AM - Previews
6:20AM - “Give Us This Day”
6:25AM - News
6:30AM - “Sunrise Semester”
7:00AM - News
8:00AM - News
8:10AM - News
8:15AM - “Captain Kangaroo”
9:00AM - “Topper”
9:30AM - “Our Miss Brooks”
10:00AM - “On The Go”
10:30AM - “December Bride” (why it this popular show not on DVD?)
11:00AM - “I Love Lucy”
11:30AM - “Top Dollar”
12:00PM - “Love of Life”
12:30PM - “Search for Tomorrow”
12:45PM - “Guiding Light”
1:00PM - News
1:05PM - “The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show”
1:30PM - “As the World Turns”
2:00AM - “For Better or Worse”
2:30PM - “House Party”
3:00PM - “Big Payoff”
3:30PM - “The Verdict is Yours”
4:00PM - “Brighter Day”
4:15PM - “Secret Storm”
4:30PM - “Edge of Night”
5:00PM - “The Life of Riley”
5:30PM - Movie
7:00PM - World News
7:05PM - Local news
7:10PM - Weather
7:15PM - News
7:25PM - Weather
7:30PM - “Grand Jury”
8:00PM - “The Dennis O’Keefe Show”
8:30PM - “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”
9:00PM - “Tightrope!”
9:30PM - “The Red Skelton Show”
10:00PM - “The Garry Moore Show”
11:00PM - News
11:10PM - Weather and sports
11:15PM - Movie
12:40AM - Movie
2:30AM - News

WRCA-TV (Channel 4)
5:55AM - Sermonette
6:00AM - Continental Classroom
7:00AM - Today
9:00AM - Movie
10:00AM - “Dough Re Mi”
10:30AM - “Treasure Hunt
11:00AM - “The Price is Right”
11:30AM - “Concentration”
12:00PM - "Tic-Tac-Dough"
12:30PM - "It Could Be You"
1:00PM - "Joyce Brothers"
1:25PM - News
1:30PM - "Dial 4"
2:00PM - "Queen for a Day"
2:30PM - "The Thin Man”
3:00PM - “Young Dr. Malone”
3:30PM - “From These Roots”
4:00PM - “House on High Street”
4:30PM - “Split Personality”
5:00PM - Movie
6:30PM - Local news
6:45PM - News
7:00PM - “Phil Silvers”
7:30PM - “Laramie”
8:30PM - “Fibber McGee and Molly”
9:00PM - “The Arthur Murray Party” (or whatever it was titled at the time)
9:30PM - “Startime”
10:30PM - “Mike Hammer”
11:00PM - News
11:10PM - Weather
11:15PM - “Jack Paar” (that’s what the newspaper refers to it as)
1:15AM - “13th Hour”
1:45AM - News, Sermonette

WNEW-TV (Channel 5)
7:50AM - “Preview; Call to Prayer”
8:00AM - "Encyclopedia Britannica"
8:30AM - "Sandy Becker"
11:30AM - "Romper Room"
12:00PM - Cartoons
1:00PM - Cartoons
1:30PM - Movie
3:00PM - "Orient Express"
3:30PM - "Racket Squad"
4:00PM - "Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents"
4:30PM - "Dr. District Attorney"
5:00PM - "Big Beat"
6:00PM - "Nuts and Bugs"
6:30PM - Cartoons
7:00PM - "Scotland Yard"
7:30PM - "Big Story"
8:00PM - "Sherlock Holmes"
8:30PM - "City Assignment"
9:00PM - Wrestling
11:00PM - Movie
12:45AM - Paul Coates

WABC-TV (Channel 7)
7:25AM - “Morning Prayer”
7:30AM - “Early Bird Cartoons”
8:00AM - “Little Rascals”
8:30AM - “Beulah”
9:00AM - “Personal Theater”
9:30AM - “Romance of Life”
10:00AM - “Memory Lane”
10:30AM - “Star Playhouse”
11:00AM - “Time for Fun”
11:30AM - “I Married Joan”
12:00PM - “Across the Board”
12:30PM - “Pantomime Quiz”
1:00PM - “Music Bingo”
1:30PM - “Memory Lane”
2:00PM - “Day in Court”
2:30PM - “Gale Storm” (presumably “My Little Margie”?)
3:00PM - “Beat the Clock”
3:30PM - “Who Do You Trust?”
4:00PM - “American Bandstand”
5:30PM - “The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin”
6:00PM - “Little Rascals”
6:30PM - “Yesterday’s Newsreels”
6:45PM - News
7:00PM - “Union Pacific”
7:30PM - “Sugarfoot”
8:30PM - “The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp”
9:00PM - “The Rifleman”
9:30PM - “Philip Marlowe”
10:00PM - “Alcoa Presents”
10:30PM - “Keep Talking”
11:00PM - News
11:10PM - Weather
11:15PM - “Everything Goes”
12:15AM - Movie
1:30AM - “Eveing Prayer”

WOR-TV (Channel 9)
10:45AM - News and weather
10:50AM - “Looney Tunes”
12:00PM - Movie
1:30PM - Film Drama
2:00PM - Film Drama
2:30PM - Film Drama
3:00PM - “Meet Corliss Archer”
3:30PM - Movie
5:00PM - “Riders of Death Valley”
5:30PM - Movie
7:00PM - “Terrytunes”
7:30PM - Movie
9:00PM - “Winter Baseball”
10:30PM - Movie
12:00PM - Movie
1:15PM - News and weather

WPIX (channel 11)
9:50AM - “Exploring Mathematics”
10:20AM - “Our World Neighbors”
10:40AM - “Science Around You”
11:00AM - “Reading Workshop 1”
11:30AM - “Our Number System
11:50AM - News
12:00PM - “French Through TV”
12:30PM - “English 12”
1:00PM - “Fun at One”
1:30PM - “Growing in Spanish”
1:50PM - News
2:00PM - “Almanac”
2:30PM - “Basic Russian”
3:00PM - Movie
4:00PM - “Amos ‘n’ Andy”
4:30PM - “The Abbott and Costello Show”
5:00PM - “Bozo the Clown”
5:30PM - “The Three Stooges”
6:00PM - “Popeye”
6:30PM - “Quick Draw McGraw”
7:00PM - News
7:10PM - News
7:25PM - Weather
7:30PM - “Flight”
8:00PM - “Public Defender”
8:30PM - “Whirlpool”
9:00PM - “Colonel Humphrey Flack”
9:30PM - “Deadline”
10:00PM - “State Trooper”
10:30PM - “Pro Football Highlights”
11:00PM - News
11:15PM - Sports and weather
11:20AM - Movie

WNTA (Channel 13)
11:00AM - “Ding Dong School”
11:50PM - “Physical Culture” (what happened to the preceding 20 minutes?)
12:00PM - “Cartoon Jamboree”
1:00PM - Movie (must have been a short b-film or something)
2:00PM - Movie
3:30PM - “Curtain Time”
4:00PM - “Richard Willis”
4:30PM - “Junior Town”
5:30PM - “Ask the Camera”
6:00PM - “Clay Cole”
6:30PM - “Henry Morgan”
7:00PM - “Highway Patrol”
7:30PM - “Newsbeat”
7:55PM - Weather
8:00PM - “Play of the Week”
10:00PM - “Full Coverage”
10:30PM - “Mike Wallace”
11:00PM - “Dance Party”
12:30AM - Movie

In contrast, here are the US-programming-dominated schedules for Melbourne, Australia for the same date. Melbourne TV had three stations at the time, but Australian TV was not yet networked, as only a few cities in Australia had TV at the time (the others, I think, were Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide). The listings in "The Age" newspaper list the episode titles for some shows, which I've included here. Australian-produced series (excluding news) are in bold. (the amount of Australian content on Melbourne television varied from day to day....).

HSV (Channel 7)
2:30PM - "News Magazine"
2:40PM - "Tuesday Theatre" (consisting of 1936 comedy film "Our Relations", interupted by "Menu for Tomorrow" at 2:38PM)
4:00PM - "Star Theatre" (episode title "Off Season")
4:30PM - "Annie Oakley" (episode title: "Annie Takes a Chance")
5:00PM - "Young Seven" (children's show, variety?)
5:45PM - "Children's Programme" (yes, really)
6:00PM - "Cartoon Carnival" (including Betty Boop and Tom Terriffic)
6:25PM - "Mickey Mouse Club"
6:50PM - News
7:00PM - "Boots and Saddles" (episode title: "Late Arrvial")
7:30PM - "Law Man" (episode title: "The Conclave")
8:00PM - "Father Knows Best" (episode title: "Good Samaritan")
8:30PM - "Perry Mason" (episode title "The Case of the Sleepwalker's Neice")
9:30PM - "Bandwagon" (live variety)
10:30PM - "Meet McGraw" (episode title: "The Good Doctor")
11:00PM - "The Californians" (episode title: "The Long Night")
11:30PM - Station close

GTV (Channel 9)
1:00PM - "Take It Easy" (variety series)
2:00PM - News
2:10PM - "Dear Phoebe" (episode title: "And So to Wed")
2:38PM - Feature film ("Killing at Bentley Station", maybe a Canadian TV production?)
3:34PM - "Federal Men" ("Killing at Bentley Station")
4:00PM - "Autumn Affair" (Sydney-produced soap opera)
4:15PM - "Brave Eagle" (episode title: "The Flight")
4:45PM - "Superman" (episode title: "Money to Burn")
5:15PM - "The Happy Show" (children's variety series)
6:15PM - "Looney Tunes"
6:36PM - "News" (including educational segment "Professor Browne's Study")
7:00PM - "World of Giants"
7:30PM - "Laramie" (episode title: "Glory Road")
8:30PM - "The Untouchables" (episode title: "George Bugs Moran Story")
9:30PM - "In Melbourne Tonight" (very, VERY popular live variety show)
11:00PM - "Heart of the City" (episode title: "Hit and Run")
11:30PM - "Epilogue" (with Baptist Church)
11:35PM - News
11:45PM - Station Close

ABV (Channel 2) (non-commercial)
(note: I do not know the country of origin for some of the shows. Such series are in italic)
3:00PM - "For Schools" (episode title: "The Story of a Book, part 2")
3:20PM - Station close
4:00PM - "Women's World" (women's program, including demonstations and interviews)
4:30PM - "New Zealand Mirror"
4:45PM - "Kindergarten Playtime" (with "Andy Pandy")
5:00PM - "Children's TV Club"
6:00PM - "Adventures of Tugboat Annie"
6:30PM - "Kenilworth" (British series. All episodes are now lost)
7:00PM - News
7:15PM - Newsreel
7:25PM - Weather
7:30PM - "The Ann Sothern Show" (episode title: "It's a Dog's Life")
8:00PM - "Sports Page"
8:30PM - "Men at the Top" (interview series)
9:00PM - "Screen Play" (film: "Golden Madonna" from 1949)
10:30PM - News, newsreel
10:55PM - Station close

"Autumn Affair" (1958-1959) seems to be the only 1950s daytime TV soap opera for which nearly episodes still exist (156 episodes were made, 155 are accounted for as kinescope recordings. They were repeated during the 1960s, oddly enough).

My next goal will be the find the listings for 24 November 1959 in other places. Any you'd recommend? (and advice of which newspapers might have had the listings would help) I'd particularly be interesting in places in the US that only had 1 or 2 stations...when the output of 3 networks in put into 1 or 2 stations, interesting things happen.

"Chesebrough Ponds Playhouse"...seriously?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

I am a bit tired (woke up at 8:00PM last night) so forgive me if I made any mistakes on the following:

Milwaukee Sentinel lists the following for the date (24 November 1959, obviously). It, as you expect, is the same it terms of network programs, but outside of network programming there are some differences. Short-hand used by the newspaper has been copied word-for-word with a few exceptions.

WISN-TV (channel 12)
8:30AM - "Devotions"
8:40AM - "Capsule News"
8:45AM - "Cartoon Time"
9:00AM - "Romper Room"
10:00AM - "Fun House"
11:00AM - "Woman's Angle"
11:30AM - "My Little Margie"
12:00PM - "Across the Board"
12:30PM - "Pantomime Quiz"
1:00PM - "Music Bingo"
1:30PM - "Burns and Allen"
2:00PM - "Day in Court"
2:30PM - "Gale Storm Show"
3:00PM - "Beat the Clock"
3:30PM - "Who Do You Trust?"
4:00PM - "American Bandstand"
5:30PM - "Rin Tin Tin"
6:00PM - "Punky and His Pals"
6:30PM - "Sugarfoot"
7:30PM - "Wyatt Earp"
8:00PM - "The Rifleman"
8:30PM - "Philip Marlowe"
9:00PM - "Alcoa Presents"
9:30PM - "Bold Venture"
10:00PM - News at Ten
10:15PM - Big Movie
Midnight - Nightwatch

WMVS (Channel 10) (non-commercial)
10:00AM - "Biology"
10:25AM - "Safety Story Time"
10:30AM - "Poindexter Tales"
10:45AM - "U.S. History"
11:10AM - "Elementary Science"
1:30PM - "General Science"
2:00PM - "Art"
2:15PM - "World and Physics"
3:00PM - "American Civilization Seminar"
3:30PM - "Video Sketchbook"
4:00PM - "What's New"
4:30PM - "Children's Fair"
5:00PM - "Number of Things"
5:15PM - "Friendly Giant"
5:30PM - "Video Sketchbook"
6:00PM - "To Make Wounded Whale"
6:30PM - "Careers"
6:45PM - "UN Review"
7:00PM - "In Betweeners"
7:30PM - "Jazz Meets the Classics"
8:00PM - "Briefing Session"
8:30PM - "World to You"

WITI (Channel 6)
7:45AM - "Devotions"
7:50AM - "First Edition"
8:00AM - CBS News
8:15AM - "Captain Kangaroo"
9:00AM - "Amos 'n' Andy"
9:30AM - "On the Go"
10:00AM - "I Love Lucy"
10:30AM - "December Bride"
11:00AM - "Love of Life"
11:30AM - "Search for Tomorrow"
11:45AM - "Guiding Light"
12:00PM - "The Life of Riley"
12:30PM - "As the World Turns"
1:00PM - "Medic"
1:30PM - "Art Linkletter"
2:00PM - "The Millionaire"
2:30PM - "Verdict in Yours"
3:00PM - "Brighter Day"
3:15PM - "The Secret Storm"
3:30PM - "The Edge of Night"
4:00PM - "Early Show"
5:30PM - "Popeye Presents Capt. WITI"
6:00PM - "Six O'Clock Report"
6:15PM - CBS News
6:30PM - "Amos 'n' Andy"
7:00PM - "The Dennis O'Keefe Show"
7:30PM - "Dobie Gillis"
8:00PM - "Tightrope"
8:30PM - "The Red Skelton Show"
9:00PM - "Garry Moore"
10:00PM - Late News Weather Sports
10:15PM - "Late Show"
11:45PM - "LightcapNews"
11:55PM - "Follow that Man"

WXIX (Channel 18)
3:45PM - "Music"
4:00PM - "Ding Dong School"
4:30PM - "Cooky"
5:30PM - "Cisco Kid"
6:00PM - "Sherif of Cochise"
6:30PM - "Bruce Kanitz News"
6:45PM - Movie
8:00PM - "Mr. and Mrs. North"
8:30PM - "Hour of Sports"
9:30PM - News
9:35PM - "Million Dollar Movie"
11:00PM - "Inner Sanctum"

WTMJ (Channel 4)
6:00AM - "Continental Classroom"
7:00AM - "Today"
9:00AM - "Dough-Re-Mi"
9:30AM - "Treasure Hunt"
10:00AM - "The Price is Right"
10:30AM - "Concentration"
11:00AM - "Truth or Consequences"
11:30AM - "It Could Be You"
12:00PM - "Hot Shots"
12:30PM - "Midday"
1:00PM - "Queen for a Day"
1:30PM - "Top Plays"
2:00PM - "Woman's World"
2:30PM - "From These Roots"
3:00PM - "House on High Street"
3:30PM - "Split Personality"
4:00PM - "Gretchen Colnik"
4:15PM - "Afternoon Theater"
5:45PM - NBC News
6:00PM - News, Weather
6:25PM - "Special Assignment"
6:30PM - "Laramie"
7:30PM - "Fibber McGee and Molly"
8:00PM - "Arthur Murray"
8:30PM - "Startime"
9:30PM - "State Trooper"
10:00PM - Weather, News
10:15PM - "Wichita Town"
10:45PM - "Tonight in Milwaukee"
11:00PM - "Jack Paar"
Midnight - News

The following is the TV listings for Sydney, Australia for the date 24 November 1959, to provide a contrast with Melbourne on the previous post. Listings are from the Sydney Morning Herald. Australian-produced series and one-offs in BOLD except for newscasts.

ATN (Channel 7)
7:01AM - Headline News, weather
7:05:AM - Cartoon
7:10AM - "Today"
9:00AM - Music (pretty much a test pattern with music, from what I've heard)
11:45AM - News, Weather
11:55AM - "A Woman's View"
12:00PM - Midday Matinee (film, "Tropical Heat Wave", 1952
1:30PM - "Susie"
2:00PM - "Your Home"
2:30PM - "Let's Cook"
3:00PM - "Yates Gardening"

3:15PM - Music
4:00PM - "Men of Annapolis"
4:30PM - "Small Time"
4:45PM - Cartoons
5:00PM - "Kit Carson"
5:25PM - "Crusader Rabbit"
5:30PM - "Cartoon Theatre"
6:30PM - "Wild Bill Hickok"
6:56PM - Headline Lines, Weather
7:00PM - "Soldiers of Fortune"
7:30PM - "Laramie"
8:30PM - "The Untouchables"
9:30PM - "Colonel Humphry Flack"
10:00PM "Framework to Freedom"
10:30PM - "Serenade"

11:00PM - News, Weather
11:15PM - Close

("Autumn Affair" appears on the Melbourne schedule, but not the Sydney schedule, because the series had already finished production...but Melbourne was a bit behind in showing the episodes)

TCN (Channel 9)
10:00AM - Music (test pattern with music, from what I've heard)
2:00PM - "Wheel of Fortune" (game show, not related to later series by same name)
2:30PM - "Star Performance"
3:00PM - Tuesday Matinee (listing as "Hanrahan", likely an episode of "Ford Television Theatre")
3:30PM - "Gas Cooking" (likely a cooking show)
4:00PM - "Janet Dean, Registered Nurse"
4:30PM - "Last of the Mohicans"
5:00PM - "Texas Rangers"
5:30PM - "Desmond and the Channel 9-Pins" (variety with singing, dancing, and comedy)
6:00PM - "Mickey Mouse Club"
6:25PM - "Spunky and Tadpole"
6:30PM - "Little Rascals"
6:45PM - News and weather
7:00PM - "Cannonball"
7:30PM - "The Lawman"
8:00PM - "Father Knows Best"
8:30PM - "Bourbon Street Beat"
9:30PM - "Colt. 45"
10:00PM - "Meet McGraw"
10:30PM - Movietime (film, "Send for Paul Temple", 1946)
11:45PM - Station close

ABN (Channel 2) (non-commercial) (note: for some of the programs on the schedule, I am not sure which country they come from. These are in italic)
10:00AM - Music (test pattern with music, from what I've heard)
10:30AM - Demonstration film
11:00AM - Music (trying to compete with radio, I presume?)
1:00PM - Station close
2:00PM - Music
2:30PM - "For Schools" (not sure which country...)
2:50PM - "Knights of Malta"

3:00PM - "Australian National University"
3:30PM - "Warragamba Dam" (likely a documentary)
4:00PM - "Woman's World" (aka "Women's World") (program for women)

4:30PM - "Watch the World"
4:45PM - "Kindergarten Playtime"
5:00PM - Children's TV Program (talk about a vague listing...)
6:00PM - "Liberace"
6:30PM - "The Adventures of Tugboat Annie"
7:00PM - News
7:15PM - Newsreel and weather (the exact term used by the newspaper
7:30PM - "Amos 'n' Andy"
8:00PM - "Adventures of the Falcon"
8:30PM - "Australia Unlimited"
9:00PM - Film ("Dangerous Blondes", 1943)
10:20PM - "The Black Swan"
10:30PM - News and Newsreel
10:55PM - Station close

"Chesebrough Ponds Playhouse"...seriously?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

I'm from the Philadelphia area and many, many of these shows are very familiar. I haven't been able to find any old line-ups for this area so if you have any suggestions, I'll take them! Thanks.

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

I tried searching for digitsed scans of Philadelphia newspapers but can't find any...truth by told, there's a lot of places I'd like to get the TV listings for but can't.

I wish someone would just digitise those newspapers...

"Chesebrough Ponds Playhouse"...seriously?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

I tried too and they don't go back that far. Thanks for checking! Your NY listings were very similar to the Philly listings from what I remember.

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Not sure if anyone will find this interesting, but....

As you likely already know, some areas of the US in the 1950s only had a single station. For example, Jacksonville in Florida had just a single station (WMBR) for some time ...there was also a UHF station called WJHP-TV, but most 1950s-era TV sets couldn't receive UHF stations. So for most viewers there was a single station until 1957 when WFGA came along. I love you, Internet, for providing me with this info.

Programming on station WMBR, as such, included a mix of CBS, NBC, ABC and even a little DuMont! Also a little bit of local programming....I wonder if any kinescopes exist of their 1950s output. You'll also notice how some daytime series only were seen in partial form...hence why if you view episodes of shows like "The Kate Smith Show" on the Internet Archive, they mention some stations joining in during the second half of the program.

These are sourced from Ocala Star-Banner, which gets a "thumbs down" from me for using racist language in the headline of one of the articles elsewhere in one of the 7 editions I used as my sources. I mean, seriously, even in 1955 they should have known better, though I've also seen it used in another newspaper of the period (also from Florida). On the other hand I saw the word on an Australian car sticker in the 2000s, so....this is not good.

Those old newspapers aren't all bad though. Occasionally when looking for old TV listings I come across an article that is really forward thinking, something that anticipates the then-future. Once I even come across a 1950s DuMont Network fan....and I thought DuMont fandom didn't start until the late-2000s!

But really, part of the fun of looking through digital scans of old newspapers is that it can be like time traveling...

Short-hand used by the newspaper is retained when I don't know the exact name of the show. Some of these shows were obviously not shown on the date of original broadcast, for example the episode of "They Stand Accused" had to have been at least a week old as the series ended 30 December 1954. Other shows are also shown on days other than their network telecast.

Sunday (2 January 1955)
10:00AM - "Lamp Unto My Feet"
10:30AM - "Better Homes"
11:00AM - "Church Services"
12:00PM - "Lassie"
12:30PM - "This is the Life"
1:00PM - "Ramar of the Jungle"
1:30PM - "Your Home Today"
2:00PM - "Future of America"
2:30PM - "Face the Nation"
3:00PM - "Now and Then"
3:30PM - "Adventure"
4:00PM - "Year of Crisis"
5:00PM - "Omnibus"
6:30PM - "You Are There"
7:00PM - "Ford Television Theater"
7:30PM - "Private Secretary"
8:00PM - "Toast of the Town"
9:00PM - "General Electric Theater"
9:30PM - "Favourite Playhouse"
10:30PM - "What's My Line"
11:00PM - News Special
11:15PM - "Rocky King Detective"
11:45PM - "The Christophers"

Monday (3 January 1955)
7:00AM - "Morning Show"
9:00AM - "Breakfast Club"
10:00AM - "Shoppers Guide"
10:30AM - "Arthur Godfrey"
11:30AM - "Strike it Rich"
12:00PM - "Valiant Lady"
12:15PM - "Love of Life"
12:30PM - "Search for Tomorrow"
12:45PM - "Guiding Light"
1:00PM - "Kitchen Show"
1:30PM - "Welcome Travelers"
2:00PM - "The Robert Q. Lewis Show"
2:30PM - "House Party"
3:00PM - "Big Payoff"
3:30PM - "Open House"
4:00PM - "The Brighter Day"
4:15PM - "The Secret Storm"
4:30PM - "On Your Account"
5:00PM - "Portia Faces Life"
5:15PM - "Road of Life"
5:30PM - "The Garry Moore Show"
6:00PM - News and weather
6:15PM - Sports
6:30PM - "Superman"
7:00PM - "TV Digest"
7:15PM - "Red Parham"
7:30PM - TV News
7:45PM - "The Perry Como Show"
8:00PM - "The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show"
8:30PM - "Jax Forum"
9:00PM - "I Love Lucy"
9:30PM - "December Bride"
10:00PM - "Studio One"
11:00PM - News and weather
11:15PM - "Talent Scouts" (Arthur Godfrey's series, I presume?)
11:45PM - Sign-off

Tuesday 4 January 1955
7:00PM - "Morning Show"
9:00PM - "Breakfast Club"
10:00PM - "Shoppers Guide"
10:30PM - "Arthur Godfrey"
11:30PM - "Strike it Rich"
12:00PM - "Valiant Lady"
12:15PM - "Love of Love"
12:30PM - "Search for Tomorrow"
12:45PM - "Guiding Light"
1:00PM - "Kitchen Show"
1:30PM - "Welcome Travelers
2:00PM - "The Robert Q. Lewis Show"
2:30PM - "Houseparty"
3:00PM - "Big Payoff"
3:30PM - "Open House"
4:00PM - "The Brighter Day"
4:15PM - "The Secret Storm"
4:30PM - "On Your Account"
5:00PM - "Portia Faces Life"
5:15PM - "Road of Life"
5:30PM - "The Garry Moore Show"
6:00PM - News and weather
6:15PM - Sports
6:30PM - "The Cisco Kid"
7:00PM - "OK Ranch"
7:30PM - TV News
7:45PM - "Virginia Atter"
8:00PM - "Disneyland"
9:00PM - "Meet Millie"
9:30PM - "The Red Skelton Show"
10:00PM - "Danger"
10:30PM - "See It Now"
11:00PM - News and weather
11:15PM - "Eye Witness" (was this a film or something?)
12:45AM - Sign-off

Wednesday 5 January 1955
7:00AM - "Morning Show"
9:00AM - "Breakfast Club"
10:00AM - "Shoppers Guide"
10:30AM - "Arthur Godfrey"
11:30AM - "Strike it Rich
12:00PM - "Valiant Lady"
12:30PM - "Search for Tomorrow"
1:00PM - "Kitchen Show"
1:30PM - "Welcome Travelers"
2:00PM - "The Robert Q. Lewis Show"
2:30PM - "House Party"
3:00PM - "Big Payoff"
3:30PM - "Open House"
4:00PM - "Brighter Day"
(note: due to a missing page, I don't know the rest of the line-up for that day)

Thursday 6 January 1955
(due to a missing page, I don't know the morning and midday line-up)
4:15PM - "The Secret Storm"
4:30PM - "On Your Account"
5:00PM - 'The Garry Moore Show"
6:00PM - News and weather
6:15PM - Sports
6:30PM - "The Lone Ranger"
7:00PM - "Underwood Show"
7:15PM - "Dream Time"
7:30PM - TV News
7:45PM - "The Jane Froman Show"
8:00PM - "Honeymoon Holiday"
8:30PM - "Climax"
9:30PM - "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet"
10:00PM - "The Stu Erwin Show"
10:30PM - "Mr. District Attorney"
11:00PM - News and weather
11:15PM - "Name That Tune"
11:45PM - "Big Picture"
12:45AM - Sign-off

Friday 7 January 1955
7:00AM - "Morning Show"
9:00AM - "Breakfast Club"
10:00AM - "Shoppers Guide"
10:30AM - "The Garry Moore Show"
11:30AM - "Strike it Rich"
12:00PM - "Valiant Lady"
12:30PM - "Search for Tomorrow"
1:00PM - "Kitchen Show"
1:30PM - "Welcome Travelers"
2:00PM - "The Robert Q. Lewis Show"
2:30PM - "Houseparty"
3:00PM - "Big Payoff"
3:30PM - "Open House"
4:00PM - "Brighter Day"
4:15PM - "The Secret Storm"
4:30PM - "On Your Account"
5:00PM - "Portia Faces Life"
5:15PM - "The Road of Life"
5:30PM - "The Garry Moore Show"
6:00PM - News and weather
6:15PM - Sports
6:30PM - "Death Valley Days"
7:00PM - "My Little Margie"
7:30PM - TV News
7:45PM - "The Perry Como Show"
8:00PM - "Mama"
8:30PM - "Topper"
9:00PM - "Plauhouse of Stars"
9:30PM - "Our Miss Brooks"
10:00PM - "The Lineup"
10:30PM - "Person to Person"
11:00PM - News and weather
11:15PM - "They Stand Accused"
12:15AM - Sign-off

Saturday 8 January 1955
8:15AM - "Industry on Parade"
8:30AM - "Winky Dink and You"
9:00AM - "Rin Tin Tin"
9:30AM - "Story Time"
10:00AM - "Circle F Ranch"
10:30AM - "Ed McConnell"
11:00AM - "Captain Midnight"
11:30AM - "Abbott & Costello"
12:00PM - "Big Top"
1:00PM - "Super Circus"
1:30PM - "S. S. Lesson"
2:00PM - "Florida State University"
2:30PM - "University of Florida"
3:00PM - "Big Ten Basketball"
4:30PM - "Dollar a Second"
5:00PM - "Studio 57"
5:30PM - "Sports Review"
5:45PM - "Red Parham"
6:00PM - "Stories of the Century"
6:30PM - "Captain Braddock"
7:00PM - "Janet Dean, Registered Nurse"
7:30PM - "Beat the Clock"
8:00PM - "Stage Show"
9:00PM - "Two for the Money"
9:30PM - "My Favorite Husband"
10:00PM - "Professor Mother"
10:30PM - "Where's Raymond"
11:00PM - "Stop the Music"
11:30PM - "Unknown World"
12:30PM - "Sign-off

BTW, does anyone want me to post listings for a week of television in Canberra, Australia for the early 1960s?

"Chesebrough Ponds Playhouse"...seriously?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

gale storm could have also been Oh Susanah! she played a purser on a cruise ship that was pretty popular..costarred Zza Zu Pitts. In Oz do you recall a children's show called the Magic Circle?

It's not a lie if you believe it!

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Not myself...much as I like classic TV (particularly DuMont Network programs), it's all before my time.

Odd thing about "Magic Circle Club" is that it seems to have originally been produced on video-tape, yet the existing copies are kinescope recordings (aka telerecordings).

On a more positive note, via the NFSA access copies I will soon (next few weeks) hopefully see episodes of "Autumn Affair", the 1958-1959 soap opera that was Australia's first dramatic TV series. I hear they made a lot of mistakes during the production of the series, but it nevertheless was a useful training ground for the ATN-7 production crew. I also intend to view "The Pressure Pak Show" (a game show starring popular radio personality Jack Davey, who died in 1959. Surprisingly there seem to be more surviving examples of Davey's 1957-1958 work than for Bob Dyer ("Pick-a-Box" and "It Pays to be Funny") during the same period. Actually I don't know of any existing Bob Dyer episodes from the 1950s...the earliest I know of is from the early 1960s).

Back to old TV listings:
WKJF, channel 53, a defunct station. Listings via digitial scans of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

I know very little about this station. The erratic mix of NBC, syndicated and local programming confuses me. What was going on here?....and why can't the newspaper decide if it is "Starlite Theater" or "Starlight Theater"?

Because the newspaper arranged the schedule into a grid of 15-minute blocks, the exact start-time and end-time for some programming is possibly incorrect.

Short-hand used by the station has been retained in some cases.

Sunday 17 January 1954
12:00PM - "Sunday Best"
12:30PM - "Leisure Theater"
2:00PM - "American Inventory"
2:30PM - "American Forum"
3:00PM - "Ike's Week"
3:15PM - "Nature"
3:30PM - "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"
4:00PM - "Excursion"
4:30PM - "Twin Tower"
4:45PM - "Bob Corbett"
5:00PM - "Hallmark Hall of Fame" (episode title: "The St Cloud Storm")
6:00PM - "News Review"
6:15PM - "The Rosary"
6:30PM - "The Gene Autry Show"
7:00PM - "Jackson & Jill"
7:30PM - "Mr. Peepers"
8:00PM - "Spotlite Feature"
9:00PM - "Goodyear Television Playhouse" (episode title: "Here's Father")
10:00PM - "Starlight Theater"
11:00PM - Sign-off

Monday 18 January 1954
9:45AM - Test Pattern
10:00AM - "Ding Dong School"
10:30AM - "Glamour Girl"
11:00AM - "Hawkins Falls"
11:15PM - "Ernie Neff"
11:30AM - "Ask Washington"
12:00PM - "Luncheon Theater"
1:00PM - "PM Playhouse"
2:30PM - "Jane Gibson"
3:00PM - "The Kate Smith Hour"
4:00PM - "Hollywood Half Hour"
4:30PM - "Adventure Serial"
5:00PM - "Atom Squad"
5:15PM - "Comedy Time"
6:00PM - "Eagles-News"
6:15PM - "Grimes-Sports"
6:30PM - "Western Adventure"
7:30PM - "Douglas Edwards with the News"
7:45PM - Serial
8:00PM - "Streamliners"
8:45PM - "Prosecuter" (not sure what this is meant to represent)
9:00PM - "The Dennis Day Show"
9:30PM - "On the Aisle"
10:00PM - Boxing
11:00PM - "Eagles-News"
11:15PM - "Starlite Theater"
11:45PM - Sign-off

Tuesday 19 January 1954
10:00AM - "Ding Dong School"
10:30AM - "Glamour Girl"
11:00AM - "Hawkins Falls"
11:15PM - "Ernie Neff"
11:30AM - "Ask Washington"
12:00PM - "Luncheon Theater"
1:00PM - "PM Playhouse"
2:30PM - "Jane Gibson"
3:00PM - "The Kate Smith Hour"
4:00PM - "Jackson & Jill"
4:30PM - "Adventure Serial"
5:00PM - "Atom Squad"
5:15PM - "Comedy Time"
6:00PM - "Eagles-News"
6:15PM - "Grimes-Sports"
6:30PM - "Western Adventure"
7:30PM - "The Dinah Shore Show"
7:45PM - "Adventure Serial"
8:00PM - "The Buick-Berle Show" (or whatever it was called at the time)
9:00PM - "Half-Hour Playhouse"
9:30PM - "Circle Theater"
10:00PM - "Front Page Detective"
10:30PM - "Considine"
10:45PM - "Sports"
11:00PM - "News-Sports"
11:15PM - "Starlight Theater"
11:45PM - Signoff

Wednesday 20 January 1954
10:00AM - "Ding Dong School"
10:30AM - "Glamour Girl"
11:00AM - "Hawkins Falls"
11:15AM - "Ernie Neff"
11:30AM - "Ask Washington"
12:00PM - "Luncheon Theatre"
1:00PM - "PM Playhouse"
2:30PM - "Jane Gibson"
3:00PM - "The Kate Smith Hour"
4:00PM - "On the Aisle"
4:30PM - "Adventure Serial"
5:00PM - "Atom Squad"
5:15PM - "Comedy Time"
6:00PM - "Eagles-News"
6:15PM - "Grimes-Sports"
6:30PM - "Western Adventure"
7:30PM - "Douglas Edwards with the News"
7:45PM - "Miracle Rider"
8:00PM - "I Married Joan"
8:30PM - "My Little Margie"
9:00PM - "Kraft Television Theatre" (episode title: "One Man and a Million")
10:00PM - "This is Your Life"
10:30PM - "Box 53"
11:00PM - News, Sports
11:15PM - "Starlite Theater" (thus they revert to the spelling they used on Monday)
11:45PM - Sign-off

Thursday 21 January 1954
10:00AM - "Ding Dong School"
10:30AM - "Breakfast in Hollywood"
11:00AM - "Hawkins Falls"
11:15AM - "Ernie Neff"
11:30AM - "Ask Washington"
12:00PM - "Luncheon Theater"
1:00PM - "PM Playhouse"
2:30PM - "Jane Gibson"
3:00PM - "The Kate Smith Hour"
4:00PM - "Front Page Detective"
4:30PM - "Adventure Serial"
5:00PM - "Atom Squad"
5:15PM - "The Gabby Hayes Show"
5:30PM - "Comedy Time"
6:00PM - "Eagles-News"
6:15PM - "Grimes-Sports"
6:30PM - "Western Adventure"
7:30PM - "The Dinah Shore Show"
7:45PM - "Adventure Serial"
8:00PM - "You Bet Your Life"
8:30PM - "T-Men"
9:00PM - News; Movie (I assume this means a brief news update followed by a short feature film)
9:15PM - Feature Theater (I assume the movie did not begin as 9:15PM, but due to the layout used by the newspaper is listed as such. Correct me if I'm wrong, which is quite possible)
10:00PM - Wrestling
11:00PM - News; Sports
11:15PM - "Starlite Theater"
11:45PM - Sign-off

Friday 22 January 1954
10:00AM - "Ding Dong School"
10:30AM - "Glamour Girl"
11:00AM - "Hawkins Falls"
11:15AM - "To Heaven"
11:30AM - "Ask Washington"
12:00PM - "Luncheon Theater"
1:00PM - "PM Playhouse"
2:30PM - "Jane Gibson"
3:00PM - "The Kate Smith Hour"
4:00PM - "Box 53"
4:30PM - "Adventure Serial"
5:00PM - "Comedy Time"
6:00PM - "Adventure Theater"
7:00PM - Eagles; News
7:15PM - Sports
7:30PM - "Douglas Edwards with the News"
7:45PM - "Adventure Serial"
8:00PM - "You Be Judge" (Odd listing. Do they mean "Judge for Yourself"?)
8:30PM - "Western Adventure"
9:30PM - "Sound Stage"
10:00PM - "Leisure Theater"
11:00PM - "Eagles-News"
11:15PM - "Starlite Theater"
11:45PM - Sign Off

Saturday 23 January 1954
12:00PM - "Saturday Western"
1:00PM - "Saturday Playhouse"
2:00PM - "Saturday Playhouse"
3:00PM - "Pro Basketball: Philadelphia at Rochester"
5:00PM - "Cartoon Carnival"
5:30PM - "Western Adventure"
6:30PM - "Range Rider"
7:00PM - "Watch Mr. Wizard"
7:30PM - "Ethel & Albert"
8:00PM - "Feature Theater"
9:00PM - "Your Show of Shows"
11:00PM - Sports (according to newspaper this ran to 12:30AM)

"Jane Gibson" (was it titled "The Jane Gibson Show"?) was a local programme. I found some info in the Pittsburgh Press from 7 February 1954. The host had appeared on radio since 1930 (on station KQV). The newspaper said this of her TV show "Jane is currently holding forth on WKJF-TV each week-day afternoon from 2:30 to 3 with her tiding of baked goods and rummage sales, fashions and tidbits for the homemaker."

I personally consider it highly unlikely that anything remains of her TV series today..local shows of the 1950s were rarely recorded, and the station is long-defunct. However, sometimes local shows survive because someone involved had requested a kinescope copy. This is why an episode exists of WGN-TV's "Off the Record" (an early 1950s series in which a man and a woman lip-synced hit recordings. It can be viewed on YouTube)

Ernie Neff appears to have been an organist.

Surprisingly, at least 16 editions of "Glamour Girl" (an NBC daytime program) are still extant (held by UCLA), although 3 of the kinescopes are missing the opening few minutes.

On the other hand, no episodes are known to exist of NBC's "Atom Squad"

No, I can't make sense of that either. OK, so "Atom Squad" was probably as bad as "Captain Video", but you'd think at least a few episodes would remain.

Of the programs on the list, I've seen at least one episode of the following: "Kukla, Fran and Ollie", "The Gene Autry Show", "Ding Dong School", "Hawkins Falls", "The Kate Smith Hour", "The Dinah Shore Show", "The Buick-Berle Show", "I Married Joan", "My Little Margie", and "Watch Mr. Wizard".

I uploaded two episodes of "The Kate Smith Hour" to the Internet Archive:

"Chesebrough Ponds Playhouse"...seriously?

Tuesdays in 1959 in St. Louis

I have a copy of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch weekly Tv Magazine for June 14-20, 1959 and here's what aired there on the 16th:

620 AM News
630 AM Town and Country
700 AM Good Morning
800 AM News, Weather
815 AM Captain Kangaroo
900 AM On the Go
930 AM Sam Levenson Show
1000 AM I Love Lucy
1030 AM Top Dollar
1100 AM Love of Life
1130 AM Search for Tomorrow
1145 AM The Guiding Light
1200 PM News
1205 AM Buddy Moreno Party
1230 PM As The World Turns (NOTE: Amazing this show was STILL in this timeslot when it went off the air a year or so ago!)
100 PM Jimmy Dean Show
130 PM House Party
200 PM The Big Payoff
230 PM The Verdict is Yours
300 PM Brighter Day
315 PM Secret Storm
330 PM Edge of Night
400 PM S. S. Popeye
430 PM Movie (The Cockeyed Miracle)
600 PM News, Weather
615 PM CBS News
630 PM Dick Powell Playhouse
700 PM Starring David Niven
730 PM To Tell The Truth
800 PM Peck's Bad Girl
830 PM Red Skelton Show (guest Buster Crabbe)
900 PM Garry Moore Show
1000 PM News, Weather
1015 PM Eye on St. Louis
1030 PM Movie (Somewhere in the Night)
1215 AM Movie (Midnight Manhunt)
130 PM News

Channel 5 (NBC)
700 AM Today (Local News at 725, 825)
900 AM Dough-Re-Mi
930 AM Treasure Hunt
1000 AM The Price is Right
1030 AM Concentration
1100 AM Tic Tac Dough
1130 AM It Could Be You
1200 PM Shopping With Charlotte
1230 PM Charlotte Peters Show (Same Charlotte?)
100 PM Queen for A Day
130 PM Haggis Baggis (COLOR)
200 PM Young Dr Malone
230 PM From These Roots
300 PM Truth or Consequences (COLOR)
330 PM County Fair
400 PM Our Miss Brooks
430 PM Abbott and Costello
500 PM Wrangler's Club
530 PM Woody Woodpecker
600 PM Weather
605 PM Sports Roundup
615 PM Latest News
630 PM Dragnet
700 PM Steve Canyon
730 PM Jimmie Rodgers Show (COLOR)
800 PM The Californians
830 PM Bob Cummings Show
900 PM David Niven Show
930 PM State Trooper
1000 PM Whirlybirds
1030 PM News, Weather
1100 PM Jack Paar Show
1200 AM News
1205 AM Movie Museum
1230 AM Weather

Channel 2 (ABC)
800 AM Cartoons
830 AM Camera Two
900 AM Romper Room
1000 AM Animal Land
1015 AM Movie (Child of Divorce)
1130 AM Coffee Break
1200 PM Across the Board
1230 PM Pantomime Quiz
100 PM Music Bingo
130 PM Stu Erwin
200 PM Day in Court
230 PM Gale Storm Show
300 PM Beat the Clock
330 PM Who Do You Trust
400 PM American Bandstand
530 PM Disney Time
600 PM News, Weather
615 PM Sports Digest
630 PM Cheyenne
730 PM Wyatt Earp
800 PM The Rifleman
830 PM Naked City
900 PM Alcoa Presents
930 PM Bold Venture
1000 PM Man Without a Gun
1030 PM Movie (Kentucky Jubilee)
1200 AM News
1205 AM Movie (Fire Alarm)

Channel 11
400 PM Business News
415 PM Me Wittle Friends
445 PM Movie (Silver City Kid)
545 PM News, Weather
600 PM Three Stooges
630 PM Burns and Allen
700 PM Glencannon
730 PM Movie (The Lady Wants Mink)
900 PM New York Confidential
930 PM Dial 999
1000 PM Movie (Hoodlum Empire)
1130 PM Bedtime Stories
1200 AM News, Weather

Other Color shows listed for the week (all on Channel 5 NBC) were:
Midwestern Hayride (Sunday)
The Chevy Show (Sunday)
Arthur Murray Party (Monday)
The Price is Right (Wednesday)
Dave King Show (Wednesday)
Danger is My Business (Wednesday)
Tennessee Ernie Ford Show (Thursday)
Ellery Queen (Friday)
Perry Presents (Saturday)

St Louis may have four channels in 1959 but it was so close to a number of other markets their listing in the back lists title-only schedules for:

Channel 3 (Springfield, MO) (NBC)
Channel 10 (Springfield, MO) (CBS)
Channel 13 (Jefferson City, MO)(CBS)
Channel 12 (Cape Girardeau, MO) (CBS)
Channel 8 (Columbia, MO)(NBC) - unusual in that it signed on at 11 AM
Channel 3 (Kirksville, MO)(appears to have a mixed lineup)
Channel 7 (Quincy, IL) (CBS)
Channel 10 (Quincy, IL) (NBC)
Channel 3 (Harrisburg, IL) (ABC)
Channel 12 (Decatur, IL) (ABC)
Channel 3 (Champaign, IL) (CBS)
Channel 5 (Memphis, TN) (NBC)
Channel 13 (Memphis, TN) (ABC)
Channel 3 (Memphis, TN) (CBS)
Channel 10 (Terre Haute, IN) (CBS)
Channel 7 (Evansville, IN) (ABC)
Channel 6 (Paducah, KY) (NBC)

I'm sure the St. Louis papers were sold statewide, hence in some parts of the state people could pull in Channel 10 in Springfield, in other cities Channel 10 in Terre Haute.

Movie Museum

Great list! Thanks for putting that together.

I've also seen "Movie Museum" appear on Australian schedules in (in both Sydney and Melbourne....Australian TV was not networked in those days). From what I've heard, it was a primitive and flawed attempt at showing silent films on television. Many of the films, though, were Biograph shorts, which must count for something (Biograph made great shorts).

BTW, would anyone be interesting in me posting the Burlington, Vermont schedule for 17 October 1955? At the time only had a single station, a CBS station...and they still found time for "local programming", even with all the syndicated programming available! How cool is that?

We're not fighting! We're in complete agreement! We hate each other!

Re: Movie Museum

I'm not sure if it's MOVIE MUSEUM or SILENTS PLEASE (a similiar show of the early 1960's) but there was also something called THE HISTORY OF THE MOTION PICTURE, a tv series produced by Paul Killiam and Saul Turrell of this nature, a half-hour show where features were cut down to that length with a narrator (Killiam) who almost never shut up. I don't know if these were made in the 1950's or 1960's but in the early 1980's Blackhawk films sold them on Super 8mm or 16mm or video. Here's the ones they sold (probably more were made originally for the tv show):

America (1924) Neil Hamilton
The Americano (1916) Douglas Fairbanks
The Black Pirate (1926) Douglas Fairbanks
Blood and Sand (1922) Rudolph Valentino
Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1920) John Barrymore
Nosferatu (1922) Max Schreck
The Eagle (1926) Rudolph Valentino
The Fall of Babylon (1916) ConstanceTalmadge (from Intolerence)
The Garden of Eden (1928) Corinne Griffith
The General (1926) Buster Keaton
The Headless Horseman (1922) Will Rogers
Hoodoo Ann (1922) Mae Marsh
Hunchback of Notre Dame (1921) Lon Chaney
Orphans of the Storm (1921) Lillian Gish
Road to Yesterday (1925) Joseph Schildkraut
Son of the Sheik (1926) Rudolph Valentino
The Tempest (1927) John Barrymore
The Thief of Bagdad (1924) Douglas Fairbanks
Variety (1926) Emil Jannings
Yankee Clipper (1927) William Boyd

The Crown Princes of Hollywood (Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd,etc)
Film Firsts, Part One (Trip to the Moon, Griffith's BATTLE, etc)
Film Firsts, Part Two (Gertie the Dinosaur, Melies, Griffith, etc)
The Fun Factory (Sennett clips, Chaplin, Normand, Keystone Kops etc)
Girls in Danger (Gish, Swanson, Marsh, Jetta Goudal,etc)
Keaton Special
Mr Super Athletic Charm (Douglas Fairbanks)
Sad Clowns (Chaplin, Keaton, Langdon)
Slapstick (Mack Sennett: Normand, Arbuckle, Sterling,etc)
Story of Silent Serials (Pearl White, Ruth Roland, Houdini,Karloff, etc)
Story of William S Hart
Will Rogers

Prices in 1982 to own these were a whopping $154.98 each on 16mm, and (when available) $64.95 each on Super 8 silent and $69.98 on Super 8 sound(narration/music which was on all the 16mms). They were also available on VHS or Beta, two episodes per tape for $49.95 and some were very rough matches on the tape sets - Nosferatu with the Corinne Griffith romantic comedy!

EDIT Found this thread on the subject p118171 MM and SP were from the same guy - Paul Killiam - and SP may have recycled some of the earlier MM episodes. THOTMP was definitely SP reycled under a new name and without Ernie Kovacs' intros.

St. Louis' The Charlotte Peters Show

There are segments from St. Louis' Charlotte Peters show on youtube apparently loaded up by her son, cartoonist Mike Peters

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Dobie Gillis, Red Skelton, The Rifleman and Garry Moore were what I recall my parents generally watching.

"I'm not afraid, Mother. I'm not afraid."

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Melbourne was the second city in Australia to get TV. The first station there was HSV-7, and this is the TV schedules for the first week of TV in that city.

Australian-produced series are in BOLD.

4 November 1956 (Sunday)
7:00PM - Official Opening
7:15PM - Variety show from Tivoli Theatre

8:00PM - "The Adventures of Robin Hood"
8:30PM - "I've Got a Secret" (with Eric Pearce as host)
9:00PM - "Our Miss Brooks" (episode title: "The Miserable Caballero")
9:30PM - "World News Round-Up"
10:00PM - "TV Window"
10:15PM - News (with Eric Pearce and Mary Parker)
10:30PM - Station Close

5 November 1956 (Monday)
6:00PM - "The Judy Jack Show"
6:30PM - "Annie Oakley"
7:00PM - News, Weather (with Danny Webb and Mary Parker)
7:15PM - "The Patti Page Show"
7:30PM - "Hopalong Cassidy"
8:00PM - "Whitehall Theatre" (an episode of "Schlitz Playhouse" called "The Edge of Battle)
8:30PM - "International Theatre" (an episode of UK series "ITV Play of the Week")
10:00PM - Melbourne Cup Preview (with Bill Collins)
10:15PM - News, Weather (with Danny Webb and Mary Parker)
10:30PM - Station Close

6 November 1956 (Tuesday)
6:00PM - "The Judy Jack Show"
6:30PM - "Jet Jackson" (episode title "The Human Bomb")
7:00PM - News, Weather (with Eric Pearce and Mary Parker)
7:15PM - "The Isador Goodman Show"
7:30PM - "Three Musketeers"
8:00PM - "Father Knows Best" (episode title: "The Mink Coat")
8:30PM - "Four Star Playhouse" (episode title: "Study in Panic")
9:00PM - "San Francisco Beat"
9:30PM - News, Weather (with Eric Pearce and Mary Parker)
9:45PM - Station close

7 November 1956 (Wednesday)
6:00PM - "The Judy Jack Show"
6:30PM - "Comedy Time"
7:00PM - News, Weather (with Eric Pearce and Mary Parker)
7:15PM - "Eric and Mary"
7:30PM - "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin"
8:00PM - "Kraft TV Theatre" (an episode of "Ford Television Theatre" called "Doctor's Downfall")
8:30PM - "Chesebrough Ponds Theatre" (an episode of "Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents" called "The Dark Lake")
9:00PM - "Stop the Music"
9:30PM - News, Weather
9:45PM - Station close

8 November 1956 (Thursday)
6:00PM - "The Judy Jack Show"
6:30PM - "Texas Rangers"
7:00PM - News, Weather (with Eric Pearce and Mary Parker)
7:15PM - "The Patti Page Show"
7:30PM - "The Great Gildersleeve"
8:00PM - "Big Town"
8:30PM - "Theatre Royal" (episode title: The Portrait"
9:00PM - "Hit Parade"
9:30PM - News, Weather (with Eric Pearce and Mary Parker)
9:45PM - Station close

9 November 1956 (Friday)
6:00PM - "The Judy Jack Show"
6:30PM - "Jungle Jim" (episode title "The Golden Parasol")
7:00PM - News, Weather
7:15PM - "Sports Talk" (with Harry Gordon and Bill Collins)
7:30PM - "Surprise Packet" (I have no idea what this was)
8:00PM - "Celebrity Theatre" (episode title "He Knew All About Women")
8:30PM - "Douglas Fairbanks, Jr, Presents" (episode title "Atlantic Night")
9:00PM - "Stairway to the Stars"
9:30PM - News, Weather
9:45PM - Station close

10 November 1956 (Saturday)
6:00PM - "Fun Fair"
6:30PM - "Hopalong Cassidy"
7:00PM - News, Weather
7:15PM - "Kaleidoscope" (episode title "Voyage Through Space")
7:30PM - "Grantland Rice"
7:45PM - "Sportsreel"
8:00PM - "Scarlet Pimpernel" (episode title "The Hostage")
8:30PM - "Racket Squad" (episode title "Elephant in Stockings")
9:00PM - "Wedding Day"
9:30PM - News, Weather
9:45PM - Station close

Yesterday I managed to view an episode of "Hit Parade" from 1958. I found it to be enjoyable. Around 20 episodes still exist, I hope they get a DVD release. I don't know if any episodes still exist of shows like "Wedding Day" and "The Judy Jack Show".

I next intend to post a New York City schedule from 1950.

Have you played Atari today?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

This is the New York City TV schedules for 27 September 1950.

1:15PM - "Facts and Forecasts"
1:309PM - "About the House" (with Lyndia Rogers and Woody Klose)
2:30PM - "The Real McKay" (with Jim McKay)
3:30PM - "Look Your Best" (with Richard Willis)
4:00PM - "The Homemakers Exchange"
4:30PM - "Vanity Fair"
5:00PM - "Lucky Pup"
5:15PM - "Life with Snarky Parker"
5:30PM - "The Chuck Wagon" (with Sheriff Bob Dixon)
6:45PM - "The Bob Howard Show"
7:00PM - "The Stork Club" (with Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy and Sherman Billingsley)
7:30PM - News
7:45PM - "Three's Company" (with Judy Lynn, Stan Freeman and Cy Walter)
8:00PM - "Authur Godrey and His Friends"
9:00PM - "What's My Line"
9:30PM - "The Web" (episode title: "The Witness")
10:00PM - Boxing
11:00PM - "Allan Jackson with News of the Night"
11:10PM - "Midnight Snack" (with Bob Sherwood and Beryl Richards)

9:30AM - "The Johnny Andrews Show"
9:45AM - "Josephine McCarthy Cooking Show" (was this the actual title)
10:00AM - "The Kathi Norris Show"
11:00AM - "Date in Manhattan"
11:45AM - "Up to Now" (news with Bob Wilson)
12:00PM - "Just for You" (with Carl Caruso)
1:00PM - News
4:00PM - "The Kate Smith Show"
5:00PM - "NBC Comics"
5:15PM - "Panhandle Pete and Jennifer"
5:30PM - "Howdy Doody"
6:00PM - "Easy Does It"
6:25PM - News
6:30PM - "New York Closeup" (with Tex and Jinx McCrary)
6:55PM - Weather
7:00PM - "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"
7:30PM - "Roberta Quinlan"
7:45PM - "News Caravan" (presumably "Camel News Caravan""?)
8:00PM - "The Nature of Things"
8:15PM - "Through Wendy's Window"
8:30PM - "Cameo Theatre" (episode title: "Murder is Matter of Opinion")
9:00PM - "Kraft Television Theatre" (episode title: "The Green Pack")
10:00PM - "Break the Bank"
10:30PM - "Stars over Hollywood" (episode title: "Not a Bad Guy")
11:00PM - "Broadway Open House"
12:00AM - News

9:30AM - "Top of the Morning News"
9:45AM - "Morning Chapel"
10:00AM - "Your Television Baby Sitter" (with Pat Meikle)
10:30AM - "Kitchen Fare"
11:00AM - "Your Television Shopper"
12:00PM - "Headline Clues"
12:30PM - "Johnny Olsen's Rumpus Room"
1:00PM - "Okay Mother"
1:30PM - "Man on the Street"
1:45PM - "The Susan Raye Show"
2:00PM - Test Pattern
5:30PM - "Serial Theater" (episode title: "Radio Patrol")
6:00PM - "Small Fry Club"
6:30PM - "The Magic Cottage"
7:00PM - "Captain Video and His Video Rangers"
7:30PM - "Manhattan Spotlight"
7:45PM - "The Susan Raye Show"
8:00PM - "Adventure Playhouse"
9:00PM - "Famous Jury Trials"
9:30PM - "The Plainclothesman"
10:00PM - "Broadway to Hollywood"
10:30PM - "Feature Theater" (feature film "Let 'em Have It" from 1935)
11:45PM - News

WJZ-TV (their listing seems to be incomplete)
11:30AM - "The Fitzgeralds"
12:00PM - "Kitchen Kapers" (with Tiny Ruffner)
2:30PM - "Telephone Quiz"
3:00PM - "Zeke Manners" (?)
5:00PM - "Mr. Magic"
5:15PM - "Paddy Pelican"
5:30PM - "Hold 'Er Now!" (with Don Tennant)
5:45PM - "Space Patrol"
7:00PM - "The War Tonight"
7:25PM - "The Nation Tonight" (with Gordon Fraser)
7:30PM - "Chance of a Lifetime" (with John Reed King)
8:00PM - "On Trial" (episode title: "Should the United States be for World Federation Now?")
8:30PM - Dick Tracy film
9:00PM - "Don McNeill's TV Club" (with Rhonda Fleming as guest)
10:00PM - Wrestling from Chicago

9:00AM - Test Pattern
12:00PM - "Telefax News"
1:00PM - "Happy Felton's Knot Hole Gang"
1:25PM - Baseball
3:45PM - "Baseball Personalities and Color"
6:10PM - "Clubhouse Quiz" (with Bob Edge)
6:30PM - "The Mystery Rider"
6:45PM "Time for Beany"
7:00PM - "Comedy Carnival"
7:15PM - "Mr. and Mrs. Mystery"
7:30PM - "The Bill Slater Show"
8:00PM - "What's Offered" (with Red Benson)
8:30PM - "The Tiny Fairbanks Show"
8:45PM - "Today - News and Sports"
9:00PM - Wrestling
11:00PM - "Starlit Playhouse" (consisting of film "Young Dynamite" from 1937)

12:25PM - Matinee Newsreel: Batter Up
1:00PM - "Day with the Giants" (with Laraine Day and Freddie Robbins"
1:20PM - Baseball
5:30PM - "Six-Gun Playhouse"
6:30PM - "Telepix Newsreel"
6:45PM - "The Jimmy Powers Show"
7:00PM - News of the Hour (with Ed Thorgeson)
7:15PM - "Movies at 7:15" ("Mister Antonio" from 1929)
8:30PM - ? (newspaper says "to be announced")
9:30PM - "The Art Ford Show"
11:00PM - "Telepix Newsreel"
11:10PM - "The Weatherman"
11:15PM - "Sports with Guy LeBox"
11:30PM - "Romantic Rendezvous" (with Gail Meredith and Bill Harrington)
11:45PM - "Night Owl Theater" ("Pack Up Your Troubles" from 1932)
1:00AM - News of the Hour

2:00PM - News, Feature Film
3:00PM - News, "Homemaker's Guide"
4:00PM - News, Western Feature Film
5:00PM - News, "Junior Frolics" (not sure on this)
5:30PM - Feature film
6:00PM - Newsl Feature film continued
6:30PM - "Saddlebag of Songs" (with Texas Jim Robertson)
6:45PM - "Western Featurette"
7:00PM - News, feature film ("The Cowboy and the Bandit" from 1935)
8:00PM - News, feature film ("Don Ricardo Returns" from 1946)
9:00PM - News, Feature film continued
10:00PM - News, "Broadway Theater" (consisting of feature film, "Why Girls Leave Home" from 1945)
11:00PM - News, "Broadway Theater" continued
11:15PM - "Stardust Theater" (feature film, "U-57")
12:00PM - Western Featurette

Source: le/Brooklyn%20NY%20Daily%20Eagle%201950%20Grayscale/Brooklyn%20NY%20Da ily%20Eagle%201950%20Grayscale%20-%207356.pdf

If you want me to stop posting these old TV listings, let me know and I'll stop. If you want me to continue, let me know and I'll continue.

Have you played Atari today?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Thanks so much to you Jeice and the others who have contributed to this thread. Fascinating stuff! Keep up the good work.

"Horror has it's ultimate...and I am that!"...Jan In The Pan

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

These are a week of programming listings for GTV-9, a station in Melbourne, Australia. Australian-produced shows are in BOLD.

20 October 1957 (Sunday)
4:45PM - "Open House"
5:45PM - "How Christian Science Heals"
6:00PM - Western Theatre (film: "Days of Old Cheyenne", 1943)
6:55PM - News Headlines
7:00PM - "The Buccaneers" (episode title: Before the Mast)
7:30PM - "The Quiz Kids"
8:00PM - Caltex Theatre (film: "The Long Dark Hall", 1951)
9:30PM - "Dr. Christian"
10:00PM - News, "Professor Browne's Study", Weather
10:30PM - "Lovely to Look At"
10:45PM - Epilogue

10:50PM - Station close

21 October 1957 (Monday)
5:15PM - "The Happy Show" (with Happy Hammond)
6:15PM - "Hillbilly Request Time" (with the Victorian Banjo Club)

6:40PM - News (with Eric Pearce), "Professor Browne's Study"
7:00PM - Roy Rogers (film: "Song of Texas", 1943)
8:00PM - "Give it a Go" (with Jack Davey)
8:30PM - "Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents" (episode title: "One Can't Help Feeling Sorry")
9:00PM - "Dragnet" (episode title: "The Big Death"
9:30PM - "In Melbourne Tonight"
10:30PM - News, Epilogue

10:45PM - Station close

22 October 1957 (Tuesday)
5:15PM - "The Happy Show" (with Happy Hammond)
6:15PM - "Superman" (episode title: "Star of Fate")
6:40PM - News
7:00PM - "Cisco Kid"
7:25PM - "Spotlight"
7:30PM "Burns and Allen"
8:00PM - "It Pays to be Bunny" (with Bob Dyer)
8:30PM - "Highway to Patrol"
9:00PM - "A Man Called X"
9:30PM - "In Melbourne Tonight"
10:30PM - News, Epilogue

10:45PM - Station close

23 October 1957 (Wednesday)
5:15PM - "The Happy Show" (with Happy Hammond)
6:15PM - "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" (episode title: "Curtain of Space, part 1")
6:40PM - News (with Eric Pearce), "Professor Browne's Study"
7:00PM - "Fury" (episode title: "Joey and the Stranger")
7:30PM - "Stories of the Century" (episode title: "Joaquin Murrietta")
7:55PM - "Elizabeth Presents"
8:00PM - "The Dulux Show" (with Jack Davey)
8:30PM - "Leave it to the Girls" (with Terry Dear)
9:00PM - "Astor Theatre"
9:30PM - "In Melbourne Tonight"
10:30PM - News, Epilogue

10:45PM - Station close

24 October 1957 (Thursday)
1:00PM - "Thursday at One" (with Binnie Lum)
2:00PM - Station close
5:15PM - "The Happy Show" (with Happy Hammond)
6:15PM - "Ramar of the Jungle" (episode title: "Mark of Shaitan")
6:45PM - News (with Eric Pearce), "Professor Browne's Study"
7:00PM - "Frontier Doctor" (episode title: "Belle of Tennessee". But IMDb says this series debuted in 1958. How can this be?)
7:30PM - "My Little Margie" (episode title: "Vern's Flying Saucer")
8:00PM - "Pantomime Quiz" (with Harry Dearth)
8:30PM - "Susie" (episode title: "Crazy Mixed Up Kid")
9:00PM - "Mystery Theatre" (episode: "The Star Tattoo", possibly a retitled episode of "Mark Saber")
9:30PM - "Raising a Husband" (with Alwyn Kurts)
10:00PM - "In Melbourne Tonight"
11:00PM - News, Epilogue

11:15PM - Station close

IMDb and Wiki say that US series "Frontier Doctor" debuted in 1958. However, the same newspaper scan I took this from also mentions "Pantomime Quiz", the Australian version ended in November 1957. Maybe IMDb and Wikipedia are wrong?

I recently saw the episode of "Raising a Husband" on the schedule. It's VERY GOOD.

25 October 1957 (Friday)
5:15PM - "The Happy Show" (with Happy Hammond)
6:15PM - "Sir Lancelot" (episode title: "The Outcast")
6:40PM - News, "Professor Browne's Study"
7:00PM - "Kit Carson" (episode title: "Devil's Remuda")
7:30PM - "The Ray Milland Show" (episode title: "Field Trip")
8:00PM - "The Pressure Pak Show" (with Jack Davey)
8:30PM - AEI Theatre (episode title: "That's the Man", a retitled episode of "General Electric Theater")
9:00PM - "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (episode title: "Mr. Blanchard's Secret")
9:30PM - "In Melbourne Tonight
10:30PM - News
10:45PM - Night Owl Theatre (film: "The Drum", 1938)
12:15AM - Epilogue
12:20AM - Station close

26 October 1957 (Saturday)
7:30AM - "In Melbourne Today" (with Geoff Corke)
10:30AM - Station close
6:00PM - "Wild Bill Hickok" (episode title: "Civil War Story")
6:30PM - News, Sport
7:00PM - "Waterfront" (episode title: "Semi-private Room")
7:30PM - "Do You Trust Your Wife?" (with Ron Blaskett)
8:00PM - "Pick-a-Box" (with Bob Dyer)

8:30PM - "Mr. District Attorney"
8:55PM - "Mannequin Parade"
9:05PM - "Crosscurrent" (episode title: "International Spies")
9:30PM - Boxing
11:00PM - "Boston Blackie"
11:30PM - Epilogue
11:35PM - Station close

Also, a day of programming on WABD (New York City, Channel 5) for 3 July 1952, a Thursday. Please note that the page I took this from does not mention the pre-12:00PM shows -
12:00PM - "Woman's Club"
12:15PM - Noontime News
12:30PM - "Take the Break"
1:00PM -"Johnny Olsen's Rumpus Room"
1:30PM - "Recipe for Happiness"
2:00PM - Summer Matinee (with Bill Silbert)
3:00PM - Afternoon news
3:15PM - Test Pattern
4:50PM - Program notes
4:55PM - News
5:00PM - "Son of the Eagle"
6:00PM - "The Magic Cottage"
6:30PM - "Double C Canteen" (with Bob Dixon)
7:00PM - "Captain Video"
7:30PM - Serial Theater
8:00PM - "The Steel Industry"
8:30PM - "Broadway to Hollywood" (with Bill Slater)
9:00PM - "Gruen Theater" (episode title: "For Life")
9:30PM - "What's the Story?"
10:00PM - "This is Music"
10:30PM - "Author Meets the Critics"
11:00PM - "Barry Gray"
11:15PM - "Sportscope"
11:30PM - Program notes

In addition, the page mentions the WABD morning line-up for the next day:
?? - News (this part is obscured)
10:15AM - "Morning Chapel"
10:30AM - "Kitchen Fare"
11:00AM - "The Kathi Norris Show"

Some of the WABD offerings now have pages on IMDb.

Within a few hours, I intend to post the 3 July 1952 schedules for two more stations.

Do any episodes survive of 1950s Australian version of "What's My Line"?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Independant stations, with their usual early 1950s mix of "local" shows and cheap films.

WOR-TV schedule for 3 July 1952
12:00PM - "Screening the World"
12:15PM - "Health Show"
12:30PM - "Food for Thought"
1:00PM - "Happy Felton's Knot-Hole Gang"
1:30PM - Baseball (Dodgers vs. Giants)
4:15PM - "Talk to the Stars"
4:30PM - "Singing Kitchen"
5:00PM - 5'Clock Show (film: Scream in the Night, like the 1935 film "A Scream in the Night")
6:00PM - "Merry Mailman"
6:30PM - "Buster Crabbe"
7:00PM - Sports, Wismer
7:15PM - Wingate, News
7:30PM - "Broadway TV Theater"
9:00PM - News, Wrestling
11:00PM - Tonight's Newsreel
11:30PM - Pin Up Wife (??)

WATV schedule, same day:
12:30PM - TV Pastor; Early Bird Matinee
1:25PM - Pre-Game Warmup
1:40PM - Picture News
1:45PM - Feature film
3:00PM - "Shop, Look and Cook" (with Ruth Bean)
3:30PM - "A Woman's Work"
4:00PM - Western Roundup
5:00PM - Junior Frolics
5:30PM - "Happy Time"
5:45PM - "Hollywood Playhouse" (film: "Swing Hostess" from 1944)
6:45PM - Picture News
7:00PM - Western Prairie Theater (film: "Hidden Valley", from 1932)
8:00PM - "Vic Marsillo"
8:30PM - "Gardening Today"
9:00PM - Feature film: "Black Market Babies", 1945)
10:00PM - Western Feature
11:00PM - Stardust Theater (film: "I Accuse My Parents", 1944)

WPIX sschedule, same day:
2:00PM - Music; "Guess What?"
2:20PM - "Matinee newsreel
2:30PM - "The Ted Steel Show"
3:00PM - News, "The Ted Steel Show"
4:00PM - News, "The Ted Steele Show"
5:00PM - Film Varieties
5:15PM - "Eloise Salutes the Stars"
5:30PM - Six Gun Playhouse (film: "The Silver Trail", 1937)
6:30PM - "Telepix Newsreel", Weather
6:45PM - "Jimmy Powers"
7:00PM - "Your Reporter" (with Kevin Kennedy)
7:15PM - Movietime ("Stormy Waters")
8:30PM - "Film highlights of Col. Robert McCormick's Tour"
9:00PM - Star Film Theater (film: "For You Alone"0
10:30PM - "Telepix Newsreel", Weatherman
10:45PM - "Giant Jottings"
10:50PM - "Tomorrow's News"
11:00PM - Night Own Theater (film: "Pimpernel Smith")
12:20PM - News, Charles Antell

As you can tell, this is before the idea of quality presentations of films on TV came along...that would wait until 1956, when "Ford Star Jubilee" showed "The Wizard of Oz".

Do any episodes survive of 1950s Australian version of "What's My Line"?

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

17 December 1956 in Sydney Australia.

Australian produced series in BOLD.

3:30PM - "Your Children" (not sure which country this is from)
4:00PM - Station close
5:30PM - "ABC Children's Club"
6:00PM - Station close
700PM - News
7:15PM - "My Hero"
7:40PM - "War in the Air"
8:10PM - "Star Time"
8:30PM - "Buried Treasure"
9:00PM - "Rohanl Steps Out" (might be incorrect, hard to make out the page)
9:19PM - Station close

4:30PM - "Your Home"
5:00PM - "Captain Fortune"

6:30PM - "Cisco Kid"
7:00PM - "At Seven on 7"
7:30PM - "Victory at Sea"
8:00PM - News
8:15PM - "This I Believe"
8:30PM - "Dragnet"
9:00PM - "Mr. District Attorney"
9:30PM - "Sydney Tonight"
10:30PM - Station close

6:24PM - "Give Us This Day"
6:30PM - "Fun Farm"

7:00PM - News and Weather
7:15PM - "The Patti Page Show"
7:30PM - "Texas Rangers"
8:00PM - "Whitehall Playhouse"
8:30PM - "Passport to Danger"
9:00PM - "Treble Royal"
9:20PM - Station close

George? Oh, for a man his age who's been through as much as he has, he looks terrible

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

A day of television in Nashua, New Hampshire, during 15 December 1953.

An unusual mix of programming, including a small number of DuMont series. I beleive the Channel 56 mentioned is WTAO-TV, which is now defunct.

Channel 4:
4:00PM - "Welcome Travelers:
4:30PM - "On Your Account"
5:00PM - "Atom Squad"
5:15PM - "The Gabby Hayes Show"
5:30PM - "Howdy Doody"
6:00PM - "Lady of the Bookshelf"
6:15PM - News (with Victor Best)
6:30PM - "Starring Editors"
7:00PM - "You and Your Health"
7:15PM -"Newsteller and Weather"
7:30PM - "The Dinah Shore Show"
7:45PM - News Caravan
8:00PM - "The Bob Hope Show"
9:00PM - "Fireside Theatre"
9:30PM - "Circle Theatre"
10:00PM - "The Fred Allen Show"
10:30PM - "I'm the Law"
11:00PM - News and Weather
11:10PM - "Scoreboard"
11:15PM - "Amos 'n' Andy"
11:45PM - "The Warren Case"

Channel 7:
4:00PM - "Movie Quick Quiz"
4:15PM - "Song Shop"
4:30PM - "Song Hits"
5:00PM - "Super Circus"
5:30PM - "Fuzzy Settles Down"
6:00PM - "Yankee News Service"
6:15PM - "Les Paul & Mary Ford"
6:30PM - "The Jamie Story"
7:00PM - News, Weatherman
7:15PM - Walter Winchell
7:30PM - Douglas Edwards (news)
7:45PM - "The Jane Froman Show"
8:00PM - "Life is Worth Living"
8:30PM - "The Danny Thomas Show"
9:00PM - "This is Show Business"
9:30PM - "Suspense"
10:00PM - "Danger"
10:30PM - "Favorite Story"
11:00PM - News and Weather
11:05PM - "What's My Line?"
11:35PM - "Dollar a Second"

Channel 56:
5:00PM - "Western Theatre"
6:00PM - News at 6
6:15PM - "Rubber River"
6:45PM - "Paradise Island"
7:00PM - News
7:15PM - "Captain Video"
7:30PM - "Marge and Jeff"
7:45PM - News
8:00PM - "Jackson and Jill"
8:30PM - "Adventure at Sea"
9:00PM - "Evening Theatre"
10:30PM - News, sign-off

George? Oh, for a man his age who's been through as much as he has, he looks terrible

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

BBC schedule for 26 February 1953, listings taken from a Scottish newspaper.

3:00PM - "About the House"
3:45PM - "For the Very Young"
5:00PM - "Children's Television"
5:30PM - Station close
7:00PM - "BBC Sunday-Night Theatre" (episode title: It Is Midnight, Dr. Schweitzer)
8:45PM - Newsreel
9:00PM - "Other People's Jobs"
9:40PM - "Down You Go!"
10:10PM - "Restoring Flood Damaged Furniture"
10:25PM - News (sound only)

The dramatic presentation on the schedule, "It Is Midnight, Dr. Schweitzer", still exists and is the earliest surviving *complete* example of BBC television drama. The review on IMDb isn't positive, but I'd like to see it anyway.

"Down You Go" was a British version of the very popular DuMont Network game show. No episodes of it survive. The original US is almost gone too, with only a single CBS episode from 1955 known to survive.

George? Oh, for a man his age who's been through as much as he has, he looks terrible

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

I hope some people are enjoying these posts.

4 August 1955 BBC Scotland schedule, via the newspaper Glasgow Herald:
2:20PM - "Chairing the Bard"
3:15PM - "About the Home"
4:15PM - "Watch With Mother"
4:30PM - sign-off?
5:00PM - "children" (not sure what the newspaper means by this, but I presume children's programming)
5:55PM - Sign-off?
7:25PM - Weather
7:30PM - News and Newsreel
7:45PM - "Looking Back"
8:15PM - "Down You Go!"
8:45PM - "Robinson Crusoe"
9:15PM - "The Scarecrow" (cartoon)
9:25PM - Play: The Sacred Flame
10:55 - News (sound only)

A repeat performance of "The Sacred Flame" was given a few days later on 10 August 1955. This second performance still exists, as a telerecording (British version of a kinescope).

BBC Scotland TV listings for 8 March 1955:
1:45PM - Racing
3:30PM - "Watch With Mother"
3:45PM - "Leisure and Pleasure"
4:45PM - Sign-off
5:00PM - "Children's Television"
5:50PM - Sign-off
7:25PM - Weather
7:30PM - News and Newsreel
7:45PM - "Danger is Their Business"
8:30PM - "Find the Link"
9:00PM - "A Star is Born" (what was this?)
9:15PM - Play: For Dear Life
10:30PM - News (sound only)

No episodes survive of "Find the Link". I don't know the archival status of "For Dear Life".

Sydney, Australia TV schedule for 1 November 1956. "Official" TV broadcasting had only begun a few days earlier. There was only a single station at the time, TCN-9, but two additional stations began operations within a matter of weeks. Locally-produced series in BOLD
4:00PM - "The Home Show"
5:00PM - Sign-off
6:24PM - "Give Us This Day"
6:30M - "Fun Farm"
7:00PM - News and Weather
7:15PM - "Campfire Favourites"
7:30PM - "Annie Oakley"
8:00PM - "Big Town"
8:30PM - "Thursday Night Theatre"
9:00PM - "Racket Squad"
9:30PM - Sign-off

In Pittsburgh in 1950, you had a choice of a single station. While other major TV markets enjoyed at least a couple and sometimes several stations, due to circumstances Pittsburgh only had a single station, WDTV. It was owned by DuMont, but also aired programming by other stations.
Here is the schedule for 9 January 1950, courtesy of the The Pittsburgh Press:
5:15PM - Concert (I presume this meant a audio broadcast of pre-recorded music)
5:30PM - "Howdy Doody"
6:00PM - Western Film
6:30PM - "Lucky Pup"
6:45PM - "Home is Happiness"
7:00PM - "Kukla, Fran and Ollie"
7:30PM - "Pie Traynor"
7:45PM - "Pitt News Parade"
7:55PM - "Viz Quiz"
8:00PM - "Chevrolet Tele-Theatre" (episode: "Midnight Flight")
8:30PM - "The Al Morgan Show"
9:00PM - "Candid Camera"
9:30PM - "The Goldbergs"
10:00PM - "Studio One" (episode: "Beyond Reason")

Some of the shows on the schedule are lost. No episodes exist of "The Al Morgan Show", and the episode of "The Goldbergs" on the schedule is not among those known to survive. However, the episode of "Chevrolet Tele-Theatre" on the schedule still exists, as it is held by the Library of Congress.

Here is the BBC Scotland schedule for 3 November 1952, listings courtesy of the Glasgow Herald:
3:00PM - "Swing It Sailor" (film)
4:00PM - sign-off
5:30PM - "Children's Television"
6:25PM - Sign-off
8:00PM - Newsreel
8:15PM - "Shop Window"
9:05PM - "Case Book"
9:25PM - "Come Dancing"
10:05PM - "Speaking Personally"
10:15PM - "Victory at Sea"
10:45PM - News (sound only)

They should release more films and TV shows on DVD and Blu-ray

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Buffalo TV listings for Sunday 11 October 1953, sourced from "Buffalo Courier-Express"
WBEN (Channel 4)
10:45AM - "What One Person Can Do"
11:00AM - Mass from St. Bartholomew's R.C. Church
12:00PM - News (with Virgil Booth)
12:15PM - "The Adventures of Captain Hartz”
12:30PM - “Propagation of the Faith”; “Industry on Parade”
1:00PM - “I Married Joan”
1:30PM - “Buffalo Amateur Show”
2:00PM - Pro Football (Detroit Lions vs. Sn Francisco 49ers)
4:30PM - Film
5:00PM - “Super Circus”
6:00PM - “Sunday Party”
6:30PM - “Let’s Play Charades”
7:00PM - “The Paul Winchell Show”
7:30PM - “Private Secretary”
8:00PM - “The Comedy Hour” (probably “The Colgate Comedy Hour”)
9:00PM - “Television Playhouse”
10:00PM - “Letter to Loretta”
10:30PM - “What’s My Line”
11:00PM - News and Sports
11:15PM - “Robert Montgomery Presents”

WBUF (Channel 17) (technically no longer exists, but became the basis for an education station on the same channel number)
4:40PM - News Headlines/ “Search for Christ”
5:00PM - “Hollywood Theater”
6:00PM - “The Big Issue”
6:30PM - “The Georgie Jessel Show”
7:00PM - “Star Studio”
7:30PM - “Bishop Fulton Sheen Mission Sunday Program” (huh?)
8:00PM - “Toast of the Town”
9:00PM - Fred Waring Special Anniversary Program
9:30PM - “Juke Box Jury”
10:00PM - “Dollar a Second”
10:30PM - “Broadway Playhouse”
11:45PM - News and Weather

WBES (Channel 59, a long station which lasted a couple months)
1:45PM - Bill Stern
2:00PM - National League Football (Beats vs. Colts)
5:00PM - “Girls from Good’s Country” (huh?)
6:00PM - News, Weather and Sports
6:30PM - “The Living Book” (Hagar the Egyptian)
7:00PM - “Telenews Weekly”
7:30PM - “The Ruggles”
8:00PM - “Times Square Playhouse”
8:30PM - “8:30 Curtain” (huh?)
9:30PM - “By the Clock”
11:00PM - News, Sports




10 September 1958 in Melbourne, Australia. Australian-produced programming in BOLD

1:00PM - "The Happy Go Lucky Show" (variety for women)
2:00PM - "Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal" (episode title: "The Werner Story")
2:30PM - "Famous Playhouse" ("Chevron Theatre" episode "The Sword Strikes")
3:00PM - "My Little Margie" (episode title: "The New Freddie")
3:30PM - "Wednesday Playhouse" ("Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Presents" episode "Crown of the Andes")
4:00PM - "Keeping Company" (a show for women)
4:15PM - "The Buccaneers" (episode title: "Cutlass Wedding")
4:45PM - "Rocky Jones, Space Ranger" (episode title: "Inferno in Space, part 1")
5:15PM - "The Happy Show" (children's show)
6:15PM - "Looney Tunes"
6:36PM - News (including "Professor Browne's Study")
7:00PM - "Fury" (episode title: "The Choice")
7:30PM - "Silent Service" (episode title: "End of the Line")
8:00PM - "Wyatt Earp"
8:30PM - "Harbor Command" (episode title: "Fire Alarm in a Timber Yard")
9:00PM - "Susie"
9:30PM - "In Melbourne Tonight" (live variety)
10:45PM - "Epilogue"

11:00PM - Station close

2:00PM - "Home" (a programming block of segments for women)
3:30PM - Drama ("Four Star Playhouse" episode "Finale")
4:00PM - "Personal Column"
4:20PM - "Every Woman's Theatre" ("Ford Television Theatre" episode "Kiss and Forget")
4:48PM - "Rin Tin Tin"
5:15PM - "Young Seven" (children's programming)
6:00PM - "Mickey Mouse Club"
6:53PM - News, Weather
7:00PM - "Casey Jones" (episode title: "Lost Trains")
7:30PM - "Bachelor Father" (episode title: "Bentley and the P.T.A.")
8:00PM - "All Star Theatre" ("Ford Television Theatre" episode "Appointment with Destiny")
8:30PM - "Playhouse" ("Ford Television Theatre" episode "Johnny, Where Are You?")
9:00PM - "Stairway to the Stars" (talent show)
9:30PM - "The Pendulum" (episode title: "Weekend Guest")
10:00PM - "The Late Show" (live variety)
11:00PM - Close

12:30PM - "Demonstation film"
1:00PM - Close
3:30PM - "Seas and Ships" (BBC series)
4:00PM - "Kindergarten Playtime"
4:15PM - "Liberace"
4:45PM - "Rail Town" (film of Port Augusta, South Australia. Not sure though if locally-produced)
5:00PM - "Children's TV Club"
5:30PM - Close
6:30PM - "Hal Lashwood's Alabama Jubilee" (minstrel show)
7:00PM - Newsreel
7:25PM - "Chris Christensen" (zither and vocal)
8:00PM - "The Outpost"
8:30PM - "On Safari" (including hair-style of the Zulu women, animals in the Transvaal, sea lions off South African coast)
9:00PM - "Victorian Dancing Championships"
9:30PM - "Point of View" (panel discussion)
10:00PM - "Victorian Dancing Championships""

10:45PM - Station close

Yeah, I know most of the board hates me for posting these, but I've got nothing else to do.

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Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

I expect the entire board has me on ignore by now.

Monday 7 March 1955 in Philadelphia.

WPTZ (Channel 3)
6:48AM - "Thought for Today"
6:50AM - "Farm Market and Weather
7:00AM - "Today"
8:55AM - "Mr. Rivets"
9:00AM - "Let Scott Do It"
10:00AM - "Ding Dong School"
10:30AM - "Way of the World"
10:45AM - "Operation Blackboard"
11:00AM - "Home" (with Arlene Francis!!)
12:00PM - "The Tennessee Ernie Show"
12:30PM - "Feather Your Nest"
1:00PM - "Playhouse"
2:30PM - "Pots, Pans and Personalities"
3:00PM - "Greatest Gift"
3:15PM - "Golden Windows"
3:30PM - "One Man's Family"
3:45PM - "Miss Marlowe"
4:00PM - "Hawkins Falls"
4:15PM - "First Love"
4:30PM - "Mr. Sweeney"
4:45PM - "Modern Romances"
5:00PM - "Pinky Lee"
5:30PM - "Howdy Doody"
6:00PM - "Fun House"
6:30PM - "Award Theater" ("The Pretender" with Albert Dekker)
7:25PM - News
7:30PM - "Producer's Showcase" (episode: "Peter Pan" in colour!)
9:30PM - "Robert Montgomery Presents"
10:30PM - "Mayor of the Town"
11:00PM - News
11:10PM - "Sports Spot"
11:15PM - Weather
11:20PM - "Dance Party"
11:50PM - "Tonight in Phila"
12:00PM - "Tonight" (with Steve Allen)
1:00PM - "Thought for Tomorrow"

WFIL (Channel 6)
8:30PM - "Your Morning Male"
9:55PM - News
10:00PM - "Romper Room"
11:00PM - "Fit as a Fiddle"
11:15PM - "University of the Air"
11:35PM - "University of the Air"
12:00PM - "Cheif Halftown's Cartoon Carnival"
12:30PM - "Matinee"
1:50PM - "Features for Women"
2:00PM - "The Robert Q. Lewis Show"
2:30PM - "At Home"
3:00PM - "Bandstand"
5:00PM - "Hopalong Cassidy"
6:30PM - "Rainbow Theater"
6:45PM - "TV Newsreel"
6:55PM - Weather
7:00PM - "City Detective"
7:30PM - "The Name's The Same"
8:00PM - "TV Reader's Digest"
8:30PM - "Roberta Peters, Soprano"
9:00PM - "The Fort Dix Show"
9:30PM - "Pantomime Quiz"
10:00PM - "Boxing"
10;45PM - Sports
11:00PM - "TV Newsreel"
11:10PM - Weather
11:15PM - Night-wl Theater (film: "Crime, Inc.")

WDEL (Channel 12)
3:00PM - "The Paul Dixon Show"
4:30PM - "Aunt Kate's Kitchen"
5:00PM - "Dance Party"
6:00PM - "It's Time for Jack"
6:30PM - "News
6:45PM - Weather
6:50PM - "Time Out"
7:00PM - "Captain Video"
7:15PM - News
7:30PM - "Playhouse" (film: Admiral was a Lady)
9:00PM - Boxing
11:00PM - Playhouse (film: Admiral was a Lady)
12:30PM - Headline Roundup
12:40PM - Sports Today

WCAU (Channel 10)
7:00AM - "The Morning Show"
7:25AM - "Chef Albert"
7:30AM - "The Morning Show"
8:25AM - "Mister and Missus"
8:30AM - "The Morning Show"
8:55AM - "Mister and Missus"
9:45AM - "Portia Faces Life"
10:00AM - "The Garry Moore Show"
10:30AM - "The Arthur Godfrey Time"
11:30AM - "Strike it Rich"
12:00PM - "Valiant Lady"
12:15PM - "Love of Life"
12:30PM - "Search for Tomorrow"
12:45PM - "Guiding Light"
1:00PM - "Homemakers Show"
1:30PM - "Welcome Travelers"
2:00PM - "Cinderella Weekend"
2:30PM - "Art Linkletter"
3:00PM - "The Big Payoff"
3:30PM - "The Bob Crosby Show"
4:00PM - "The Brighter Day"
4:15PM - "The Secret Storm"
4:30PM - "On Your Account"
5:00PM - "Willie and Carny"
5:30PM - "Cisco Kid"
6:00PM - "Early Show"
7:00PM - "Superman"
7:30PM - News
7:45PM - "The Perry Como Show" (with Julius La Rosa as substitute host)
8:00PM - "Burns and Allen"
8:30PM - "Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts"
9:00PM - "I Love Lucy"
9:30PM - "December Bride"
10:00PM - "Studio One"
11:00PM - News
11:10PM - Weather
11:15PM - Sports
11:25PM - "That Man McMahon"
11:30PM - "Late Show" (film: Casbah)

Please forgive any typing errors.

See the episode of "The Perry Como Show" here, it is public domain:

See original newspaper page here (but it is NOT public domain..hmm) rer/Philadelphia%20PA%20Inquirer%201955/Philadelphia%20PA%20Inquirer%2 01955%20-%203899.pdf

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Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

3 November 1953 schedule for Ottawa, Canada:
2:20PM - Matinee Party (1953)
3:30PM - The Garry Moore Show (1950)
4:30PM - "United Nations"
5:00PM - "Planet Tolex"
5:15PM - "How About That"
5:30PM - "Casse-Cou"
6:45PM - "Uncle Chichimus"
7:00PM - Tabloid (1953)
7:30PM - The Dinah Shore Show (1951)
7:45PM - On the Spot (1953)
8:00PM - Texaco Star Theatre Starring Milton Berle (1948)
9:00PM - "The CBC Theater"
10:30PM - "Hans in the Kitchen"
11:00PM - Fighting Words (1953)
11:30PM - French film

Source: J&pg=7248%2C354942

Scroll down a bit to see it.

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Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

New York City for 6 April 1952.

The listings for 8:30PM are missing from the page. Can someone explain why? Is it a fault with the newspaper, or is there some American thing I don't know about?

I made lots of typos, and so did the newspaper itself.

Channel 2 (WCBS):
11:20AM - News and Prevues
11:30AM - "In the Park"
12:00PM - "Ranger Joe"
12:30PM - "M&M Candy Carnival"
1:00PM - "Bonnie Prince Harlie"? (did they mean Charlie?)
2:00PM - "Soldiers of Freedom"
2:30PM - "Where Do We Stand?"
3:00PM - "The Quiz Kids"
3:30PM - "See It Now"
4:00PM - "TV Workshop"
4:30PM - "What in the World"
5:00PM - "Man of the Week"
5:30PM - "Lamp Unto My Feet"
6:00PM - "Mr. I Magination"
6:30PM - "The Sam Levenson Show"
7:00PM - "Gene Autry West Movie"
7:30PM - "This Is Show Business"
8:00PM - "Toast of the Town"
9:00PM - "The Fred Waring Show"
9:30PM - "Break the Bank"
10:00PM - "Celebrity Time"
10:30PM - "What's My Line?"
11:00PM - Late News
11:15PM - "Eloise Salutes the Stars" (wait...I thought this was a WABD show?)
11:30PM - "Son of Monte Cristo"

Channel 4 (WNBT):
9:30AM - "Religious Chapel"
9:45AM - "Children's Theater"
10:00AM - "Time for Adventure"
10:30AM - "Children's Hour"
11:30AM - "The Magic Clown" (crap...just crap)
11:45AM - "Dimaggio's Dugout"
12:00PM - "The Jon Gnagy Show"
12:15PM - "Inside Out Schools"
12:30PM - "Passover Seder Service"
1:00PM - "Frontiers of Faith"
1:30PM - "American Inventory"
2:00PM - "Battle Report"
2:30PM - "American Forum of the Air"
3:00PM - "Fair Meadows USA"
3:30PM - "TV Recital Hall"
4:00PM - "Meet the Press" (its the show that never ends!)
4:30PM - "Hall of Fame"
5:00PM - "Zoo Parade"
5:30PM - "Meet the Masters"
6:00PM - "The Roy Rogers Show"
6:30PM - "Endearing Young Charms"
7:00PM - "Royal Showcase"
7:30PM -"Young Mr. Bobbin"
8:00PM - "The Colgate Comedy Hour" (listed as "Abbott and Costello" in the newspaper)
9:00PM - "Television Playhouse"
10:00PM - "The Red Skelton Show" or whatever it was called
10:30PM - "Cameo Theatre"
11:00PM - News, "Paisan"
12:15AM - Previews (with Mary Kay)

Channel 5 (WABD)
11:30AM - Western Movie
12:30PM - "Kiddie Kollege"
1:00PM - Documentary films
3:30PM - Documentary film
4:00PM - "Sunday Matinee"
5:50PM - News
6:00PM - "This Week in Religion"
7:00PM - "Georgetown University Forum" (only a single episode survives)
7:30PM - "Manhattan Playhouse"
9:00PM - "Rocky King, Detective" (what happened here? These listings are sketchy!)
9:30PM - "The Plainclothesman"
10:00PM - "They Stand Accused"
11:00PM - "Comedy Cameos"
11:15PM - Late News

Channel 7:
12:00PM - "Jr, Crossroads"
12:15PM - "Tootsie Hippodrome Quiz"
12:30PM - ? (can't make it out on the page)
1:00PM - "Horizons Education"
1:30PM - "Triple Feature"
4:45PM - "Comedy Cameos"
5:00PM - "Super Circus"
6:00PM - "Space Patrol"
6:30PM - "America's Town Meeting"
7:00PM - "You Asked for It" (great show)
7:30PM - "Four Square Court"
8:00PM - "King's Crossroads"
9:00PM - "The Arthur Murrary Party"
9:30PM - "On the Spot"
10:00PM - "Celebrity Time"
10:30PM - "Youth on the March"

Channel 9 (WOR-TV)
1:45PM - "Films of Faith"
2:00PM - "Italian Drama"
2:30PM - "Survival"
3:00PM - "Italian Film Theatre"
4:30PM - "Lady Behave"(?) or" "Lady Benave"?
6:00PM - "Two Wise Maids"
7:00PM - News, Film Shorts
7:15PM - "Mac and Jack"
7:30PM - News, "Tiny Fairbanks Show"
8:00PM - "Boss of Big Town"
9:00PM - "Frankie and Johnny"
10:00PM - "The Forge"
10:30PM - "Tenpin Sars" (I think they meant "Tenpin Stars")
12:00PM - Movie

Channel 11 (WPIX)
9:55AM - "TV Chapel"
10:40AM - "Let's Go Places"
10:50AM - "News of the Hour"
10:55AM - "TV Chapel"
11:30AM - "Santa Cecillia Symphony"
12:00PM - "Let's Go Places"
12:30PM - "Old Kentucky Home"
2:00PM - "The Correct Thing"
2:30PM - "Giggle Movie Theater"
3:00PM - "Prarie Badman"
5:00PM - "Six Gun Playhouse"
6:00PM - "East Side, West Side"
6:30PM - "Telepix Newsreel
6:40PM - "Weatherman"
6;45PM - Jimmy Powers
7:00PM - "Happened this Week"
7:30PM - "Opera Cameos"
8:00PM - "Santa Cecillia Symphony"
9:00PM - "Phantom of 42nd Street"
10:10PM - "Strange Illusion"
10:40PM - News, Weather
11:30PM - "Telepix Newsreel"

Channel 13 (WATV)
12:00PM - Western Movie
1:00PM - "Junior Carnival"
2:00PM - "Chalky and the Giant"
2:30PM - "Hollywood and Vine"
3:30PM - "Kid Boxing"
4:00PM - "Western Roundup"
5:00PM - News, "Junior Carnival"
6;00PM - "Hollywood Playhouse"
7:00PM - "Fighting Champ"
8:00PM - "Feature Length Movie" (so pretty much like the rest of the schedule?)
9:15PM - Film Highlights
10:00PM - "Larceny in her Heart"
11:00PM - "Ghost Goes West"

Source: eview/Freeport%20NY%20Daily%20Review%201952%20Mar-Apr/Freeport%20NY%20 Daily%20Review%201952%20Mar-Apr%20-%200791.pdf (damn it, this link isn't working either. To see the page, search for the exact phrase "Freeport NY Daily Review 1952 Mar-Apr - 0791" on a search engine like Google).

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Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

There are no listings on Sunday at 8:30PM because they are probably all one hour shows starting at 8.

And look there: 10:00AM on Channel 4.

Are these listings copied from a newspaper? There are quite a few differences from the lineups shown in the Tim Brooks-Earle Marsh book.

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

As you can see from my post, they are indeed copied from a newspaper ("Daily Review"), in fact I even linked to the newspaper.

I'll try to find a different newspaper listing for the date.

EDIT: I checked a different newspaper called Herald Statesman, and it doesn't list anything for 8:30PM either, so it seems you are correct about it being 1-hour shows. It seems it was not "The Abbott and Costello Show" at 8:00PM, but an episode of "The Colgate Comedy Hour" featuring them. As for WABD, it seems they showed a film at 7:30PM, which would explain why no programming is listed for them at 8:00PM or 8:30PM.

I will edit the post to correct this.

Herald Statesman's listing:
IMDb wouldn't let me link to it due to the length of the link, so go to:
...and search for the exact phrase "Coty tingle room, cooking, private bathroom". Yes, really.

As I said on the other thread, newspaper short-hand really messes with these things. The tendency for newspapers to alter the titles of shows with the sponsor in the title is also a problem...hence the "Daily Review" listed Colgate's show as "Abbott and Costello" with no mention of "Comedy Hour" nor Colgate (while "Herald Statesman" was kind enough to list it as "Comedy Hour", still without mention of Colgate).

EDIT: Also, on the Jungle thread I managed to track down some info on the series you are interested about.

The Johnny O'Keefe doll...wind it up and it makes a comeback

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Are you familiar with the site

It will put meat on those listing bones.

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

Highly unreliable website that includes many made-up "facts".

Don't trust them at all.

As for the URLs, well, these links should work:

Daily Review

Herald Statesman

The previous ones didn't work because IMDb does not accept long-URLs.

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Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

But they do have actual clips of shows.

Re: New York City TV schedule for 24 November 1959...any thoughts?

That's true. I did enjoy a "collage" video I saw on there ages ago (not sure if they still have it), which influenced several videos I made for YouTube.

Did you enjoy the info I posted on the "Jungle thread"? I have corrected and fixed the links.

Have you played Atari today?