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Perry Como

Around 1955-57 he was the top in variety shows on NBC at that time with various guests. We were great fans of that show and was wondering if anyone knows or read where they can be seen again? The local TV's are bringing back a lot of the '50's shows, such as "Mission Impossible", Dick Van Dyke show, and "The Saint", but none that i can recall any of the old variety shows other than the "Carol Burnett" shows.

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I have a section on the generally horrible Internet Archive website where I upload copyright-expired television shows, mostly from the 1950s. These include the following hour-long episodes of "The Perry Como Show":
19 January 1957

18 February 1956

17 January 1959 (with original commercials):

I also uploaded quarter hour episodes of the show, but these lack Como. Rather, Julius La Rosa was the guest host, such as with this episode:
Warning: contains embarrassing cigarette advertising.

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My mother liked him, but I was not a fan.