Classic TV: The 50s : The Billy Daniels Show - A forgotten TV Pioneer

The Billy Daniels Show - A forgotten TV Pioneer

This was one of the first television series with an African-American host, and the first network one to have a sponsor ("The Hazel Scott Show" never obtained a sponsor, due to her blacklisting. There is a series from 1948-1949 called "Amanda" which may have been shown on a network level, but records on it are very sketchy, and it doesn't seem to have had a sponsor).

It was a music program aired in a 15-minute time-slot (typical for music series of that era) on ABC.

Didn't last long, but who knows, might have been good.

Odd note: according to Wikipedia, it was sponsored by Rybutol, who we all know for sponsoring the fantastic DuMont episodes of "The Goldbergs".

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