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Pony Express

I am commenting on this movie because I like it. I did NOT like the character they chose as Wild Bill and I thought it was a bit underacted by Heston-- he seemed just too jovial all of the time. However, I have watched it three times and it still entertains me. And I believe Heston's chemistry with the female ( Im sorry I just forgot her name was alive but not HOT-- but SHE used her femaleness like only a woman like her can. I also thought the bath tub scene was extremely sexy even more than if they were completely nude and doing more with each other. The person who shot that Understood the male mind very well.

I do wish Hickok had a better actor it was a dead spot in the movie. He could have played one of the bad guys but Hickok was KNOWN for his dress and his LOOK. The costume person must have been thinking of a salesman or someone's dad NOT WILD BILL HICKOK!

The elementary school I attended was once a Pony Express Depot and they depicted those stations quite well. They did not make them look like ranches or anything more than what they were.. OF course the school I attended was a 3 story brick building but a pert of the depot was left just to remind the kids of the history in the site. IT is located right under Mitchell Pass. That was the gateway to the west and only about 3 miles from the real Chimney Rock. This was the first landmark that the pioneers saw for weeks while going across the plains and it helped to bring them out of the prairie stupor that many had after the monotony of the plains.

The movie was just a bit on the corny side but again--- it has an appeal that can't be denied.

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Wild Bill was played by Forrest Tucker, who later played Sgt. O'Rourke. The female was Rhonda Fleming.

This is a movie not a TV show.

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Thanks for the response. Yes and Fleming was one of those that can't be duplicated. She could have sex with her eyes. She looked at her lover like a man looks at a women without wearing much. GREAT stuff. I don't bother looking at how she looks now. Everyone gets old. I was with someone for 17 years who was six years younger. Age was getting her too so they thought she could get a young guy to fill my shoes but they didn't fit. She is sorry. Yeah and I forgive you and keep looking cause you TRIED it and didn't like it now you can try living with a guy that wears the wrong shoes.

Warren Justice Again-- thanks for the response. I had forgotten her name but I won't ever forget the look she gives to Heston when she decides she is going to seduce him. It was art. Someone said she was a bit clumsy with her lines but her beauty covered it up. I closed my eyes and listened and I did't hear any problems. The person who said that was motivated by jealousy. The movie would have been flat without her. Forrest Tucker must have known someone in a high place because his acting is at high school level. See YA.