Classic TV: The 50s : Stairway to the Stars Nov1958

Stairway to the Stars Nov1958

Hi there, I'm 53 years old and my dad died 52 years ago. He is on this episode of Stairway to the Stars playing in a jazz band, on the tuba. With my mother playing the piano!! Mum is now 77 years young. My mum and I are hoping to watch it, I've never seen any video footage of my Dad just some photos. We can't figure out if its possible to watch this on IMDb, or anywhere else for that matter.Thanks for any help/ advice. Jenny and Mary

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Do you mean the 1956-1958 Australian series? It is probably lost (though you never know...I was shocked to see two episodes of the failed 1957 GTV-9 series "Raising a Husband" turn up a few years ago).

This is the DuMont Television Network

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Yes, you're right, that's the series. If it's lost, that's okay. Mum and I were just hoping we'd get lucky. Thanks for your thoughts!!