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Save Lassie, See Timmy

What an incredible week I just had cruising to Alaska with Jon Provost and his dynamic and endearing wife Laurie Jacobson. When first saw on that Jon and Laurie were hosting yearly cruises, I booked right away, thinking perhaps I would get the chance to greet them and shake their hands. Instead, there was a wealth of opportunities to get to know Jon and Laurie during nightly dinners, onshore excursions, and private presentations to our group on oldtime Hollywood (Laurie) and Lassie, among other things (Jon). When we heard about next year's cruise in the Caribbean, the majority of our group rushed to book it onboard. I must say I had the time of my life. It was a dream since boyhood come true. I can't wait till August 2017. Next year's cruise isn't on yet, but keep checking back.

Also, and this is important, Cozitv is taking Lassie off the air and replacing her with Here's Lucy. If you are upset about this as I am, please contact Cozi at: We must continue to make this American institution available for everyone

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To quote Popeye: "Arf, arf".