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Bachelor Father

One of the few 1950s' sitcoms NOT on dvd. I just saw an episode on Antenna TV a few days ago. dated.html

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There's a lot of interesting 1950s sitcoms NOT on DVD. Like "I Remember Mama" (drama-sitcom with more surviving episodes than expected) and "Life with Buster Keaton" (it has Buster Keaton in it. That alone makes it worth putting on DVD)

I hope there is a parallel universe with a music group called "Sand, Wind and Fire"

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Point taken.

To me, there are 20 "core" sitcoms from the 1950s:

Burns & Allen
The Jack Benny Show
I Love Lucy
Make Room for Daddy
The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet
Father Knows Best
The Life of Riley
The Honeymooners
Love That Bob
The Phil Silvers Show
The Donna Reed Show
Dobie Gillis
The Real McCoys
Bachelor Father
Leave it to Beaver
Dennis the Menace
My Little Margie
Our Miss Brooks
I Married Joan
The Ann Sothern Show

Most of them are on DVD.

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I keep hoping for The People's Choice with Jackie Cooper and Peck's Bad Girl (Wendell Corey and Patty McCormick) to be on dvd.

But throughout it all, my motto was "Dignity! Always dignity!".

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Cute show, cute guy. I kinda wished he were my father.

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I always loved The People's Choice - with that dog Cleo.

I also loved Bachelor Father. Good old Bentley - with his niece Kelly.

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"The People's Choice" with Jackie Cooper as a young, small town mayor, featured a sad-looking Bassett Hound "Cleo" who would often "react" by looking at the camera and a femele voice would speak her thoughts. Often, the funniest lines in the show!

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Remember seeing it, but no really specific memories of episodes. I do know that Linda Evans appeared as niece Kelly's (Noreen Corcoran) friend, which means she and John Forsythe had on-camera action decades before DYNASTY.

"I'm not afraid, Mother. I'm not afraid."

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Great show that did a great job, in that day, of entertaining the younger viewers while giving older viewers the old wink and nod through innuendo and undertones. I'm sure today's PC people would tear "Bachelor Father" apart instead of allowing for the way of life, at the time it was made.

On another BF note, there was an episode with a very young Linda Evans(although credited to her real name, which escapes me at the moment) who was absolutely eye-popping, while giving off an aura of purely natural sensuality that few women ever have. In that particular episods, the story was, she was trying to win the Uncles(Forsythe, again character name escapes me) attentions because of some sort of daddy complex she had, which seemed much more mature than the usual BF storylines.