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Early Boxing?

There was supposed to be televised boxing in New Yawk during WW2. I didn't know anyone had a set then.
Anyone know who fought on the telly then? I would think if a name pugilist was on tv in the early '40s his name would be known. Billy Graham who was from Murray Hill was around then.
Any ideas?

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I remember the Friday Night Fights in the 1950s. All the big name boxers of the day like Rocky Marciano, Rocky Graziano.

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Ay gumbar, don't forget Jake L. and Carmen B. Den dere was all them Joeys...
There's a Great book, ITALIAN STALLIONS about mainly the mid '40s to early '60s paisan pugilists.
RING mag would name a "Best Bout" each year. Between '45 and 1960, only two year's choices *didn't have The Best Bout with at least one Italian boxer.

p.s. Ay (waving hands), I forget Willie P. the Light Weight. He was fighting c. 1940 to early sixties. Basilio says he was "The Best!"

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There were the Graham Brothers who wrestlers. One was Dr. Jerry Graham and the other may have been Billy.

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I found out the first (Great) match between Louis\Conn ('41) was televised!?
Earlier, there were two fights Lou Nova\Max Baer in '39 and '41; Nova won both.
First known telly bout was from London arena in '39.