Western : Semi OT: Man in the Shadow (1957)

Semi OT: Man in the Shadow (1957)

This movie is in the same vein as Bad Day at Black Rock. A western story told in a modern setting. The cast is a venerable who's who of western movie stars: Jeff Chandler, John Larch, Leo Gordon, Royal Dano, Paul Fix and the alluring Colleen Miller. The other big name star is Orson Welles, who's role as a powerful rancher gives weight (no pun intended) to this entertaining crime thriller.

I'm not a big fan of Jeff Chandler, but he was excellent in this movie as the sheriff of a small town who is forced to confront Orson Welles and his henchmen, Larch & Gordon, after they caused the death of a young migrant worker who had taking a liking to Welles young daughter played by Colleen Miller. Colleen doesn't smolder as she did in Four Guns to the Border but she is still fetching and the director found fit to include a brief scene of her changing out of her clothes. Kudos to the director, Jack Arnold. All in all, a great little movie that doesn't drag and should find favor among western movie fans. 8/10.


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Good one, the scene when the fellow worker came in with the implications was memorable.

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A magnificent modern day Western with a top notch supporting cast. One of Chandler's best performances.

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