The Space Between : Cringe worthy

Cringe worthy

ugh. The kid was whiny and annoying, when really nothing bad happened to him. It was established that his parents were OK very early on in the movie.

The 3-4 attempts at Americans talking down to this kid were also completely over the top and cringe worthy. Give me a break.

plus the supporting family with the emo daughter for no good reason. Terrible.

3/10 would not recommend. In the end nothing happens in this entire movie.

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his parents weren't okay, his father dies,,they never find him.

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Nessarose:Oh my!

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I didn't really find him whiny or annoying. He was mostly distant in the film or trying to be. I would have understood if he said "Are We there yet?" every few minutes, but no...lots of his acting was facial expressions.

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Did you even watch this movie? His parents? He didn't even have a mother...his father died so how do you figure his dad was ok and that nothing bad had happened to him?

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