The Adventures of Puss in Boots : Hooked!!


Great series- really funny stories-BUT-Just as I got hooked on series it ended after 5 episodes.Netflix orders 5!! more.i get finished watching all episodes up to episode 10-Want MORE(one of the few who really enjoyed the series);only to find THERE IS NO MORE !! What's up with Netflix????

Re: Hooked!!

Well that can't move faster than Dreamworks. I wish there were more too but we had to wait 5 months to get 5 more episodes so I assume we will get more in that same time frame. Just watch the same 10 over and over again and the movie and the short, that's what I do. Plus I'll put on the shark sequels and skip to puss parts..:)

Re: Hooked!!

Not to worry, there's plenty more coming :) Netflix has ordered 3 seasons (78 episodes) of Adventures of Puss in Boots. Just gotta wait for them to slowly release it.

Thanks for watching.