Short Films : Has anyone here seen Lai See (2007)?

Has anyone here seen Lai See (2007)?

It's currently 'doing the rounds' on Sky Movies Indie, and I hope to catch it tomorrorow. Synopsis:

Peng was born 36 years ago in the Year of the Pig but going against his astrological nature by living a life blinkered to the needs of others. He's selfish, greedy, lustful and blind to anything else or anyone else but his own base desires. One morning Peng wakes up to find someone has shoved a "Lai See" or "hong bao" - a Chinese red envelope under his door. Instead of finding money in the envelope he finds a message that sets him off on a voyage of self-discovery where he learns that helping others through volunteering can bring rewards far beyond the material. By the end of the film his destiny is fulfilled and his true self reawakened. Peng becomes the epitome of someone born in the Year of the Pig: generous in spirit and social with a new friendship with Faye, played by Elizabeth Tan.

Any views?

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