Short Films : Are YOU Creative? Help us finish a horror-short-spoof script...please!

Are YOU Creative? Help us finish a horror-short-spoof script...please!

Hey guys-
My friends and I are into making movies and have already made quite a few. We've done two movies in the horror genre that are kind of a spoof on the Scream trilogy (hence why they're titled "Screech" and "Screech II"). But we've taken a year and a half break from filming anything (mostly because my starring actress has been away at ballet boarding school and we never see each other) and we're having trouble coming up with ideas for the script. I can give you a condensed version of what we have so far and if anyone wants to see the full script just e-mail me about it.
Screech- basically if you've ever seen Scream- almost the entire sequence is taken from the first five minute montage where Drew Barrymore is stalked and killed (sorry to spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it). Our main character, Cidney, takes the place of Drew Barrymore's character.
Screech II- The beginning sequence a woman is watching television in her basement when she hears some weird sounds outside and goes to look out her glass door...
Meanwhile, Cidney is in the "Fairchild Hospital for the Mentally Ill" and has recurrent flashbacks of her attack. She wakes up from one of these attacks and her cell is open so she leaves and escapes.. She has no where to go and is found by her old friend Francisco who takes her in to his new house (the woman from the first scene's old house). As soon as she is there- a new killer begins calling Cidney again. Francisco is killed and Cidney runs outside- when she trips, falls, hits her head and wakes up back in the hospital.
Screech III-(the one we're having trouble writing) So far- we have an opening sequence in which a girl and her boyfriend are watching a scary movie when the boyfriend leaves to get something and the girl pauses the movie, while it's paused the phone rings and (surprise) it's the killer making small talk. The girl believes it's her boyfriend calling from his cell to freak her out- until he walks into the room while she's on the phone. The killer hangs up and they continue watching the movie as a costumed figure rises in the background it cuts to a shot of the outside of the house as screams are heard.
The camera cuts to a shot of a party and two guys talking outside near a pool. Both guys have drinks and are talking about the predicament with Cidney. We find out one of the guys is Francisco's cousin and he threatens to murder whomever it was that murdered Francisco. He then sets his drink down and continues talking. A gloved hand is seen slipping a small tablet into Francisco's cousin's drink. He takes a swig of the drink and says goodbye to his friend before going for a swim in the pool...a few minutes later he's seen- dead- floating in the pool.
Camera cuts to a shot of a TV screen reporting the killing of Francisco's cousin. Cidney is watching- still in the hospital. A nurse shuts off the TV and says it's too much for Cidney right now. Cidney is then taken back to her room but a new nurse/intern whom she begins to confide her story of her escape(s)...

Sorry it's so long and confusing guys but I really need your help and creativity to finish the script so we can start filming :)
(the sooner we finish this the sooner we start working on our next project- possibly a music vid!)

So thanks again, if you have any questions about the story line of any of the three short films just ask and I'll try to explain best I can. And please- BE CREATIVE ;)