Short Films : Anyone who appreciates ten minute flicks...

Anyone who appreciates ten minute flicks...

Will you please watch my film?

I'm in dire need of some feedback, reviews, quotes, or plain old thumbs up or thumbs down. I can't trust my friends to give me honest reviews and I'm looking for total strangers.

I posted on B-D as well. The film's on youtube, and it's got 1,000 views, but no one says anything about it, they just watch the lesbian thing and walk away.

It's a short called This Side of Nightmare, and it concerns a lesbian college couple traveling home for Spring break, only to be terrorized by a pair of bible thumping redneck sisters in the middle of nowhere.

The links:

Part 1 (6 min.)

Part 2 (5 min.)

Post here, post on youtube, send me an email,
anything you want to say at all, I'll take it. But please be honest, and watch the whole 11 minute thing if you can...

Anything and everything is much appreciated.