Short Films : The short film 'Alone.' -- Please, check it out.

The short film 'Alone.' -- Please, check it out.

Hi Everyone,

If you have 24 minutes of your time to spare and you're looking for something different to watch online, check out our short film "Alone" (2006).

LOGLINE: There's no use of dialogue in this short story about an older man who makes an instant connection with a young woman, which leads to a spiritual journey of tragedy revolved around the issue of depression. Written, directed, cinematography, produced by Clayton Broomes, Jr. Music by Allistar D. Peters.

"Alone" can be seen on YouTube. Click on "watch in high quality" at the bottom right corner of the frame to watch them all in the best quality --
part 1: (10:12)
part 2: (9:20)
part 3: (5:09)

"Alone" didn't have a long trip on the festival circuit. We didn't get the chance to submit to the likes of the many mega festivals like Sundance, Toronto, New York, etc. But it was rejected by most film festivals. We are grateful for the few film festivals that did take the film.

In the end, the film was mentioned in "The New York Times," with the writer/director being the only name mentioned amongst the other films. It also aired on BETJ's "The Best Shorts Showcase" back in October 2007, landing the auteur his first nationally televised interview.

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Thank you for your time and for viewing.

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