Short Films : Trying to find the name of a short film (mockumentary?)

Trying to find the name of a short film (mockumentary?)

Hi there,

I saw this documentary (or mockumentary) a long time ago on television, the details a rough because I caught the second half of it:

It was about a film expert (I think he was anyway), who was trying to find the correct sequence to the surviving film reels of a silent movie. He goes through the different combinations, trying to find the narrative structure of the movie. The film ends with a voice over telling us that he eventually went insane and check himself into a mental hospital. The film print was discovered in a locker at a bus terminal, all the actors in the print had their eyes scratched out in every frame(!)

Anyway, this film has also interested me and I've always wanted to track it down so I could see the whole thing.

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