Short Films : Short films featuring purgatory, judgment, and/or the afterlife?

Short films featuring purgatory, judgment, and/or the afterlife?

Fellow IMDbers I need your help. Could you please overwhelm me with responses regarding films about purgatory, judgment after death, and/or the afterlife.

Themes I am interested in-
-Purgatory-- characters stuck in purgatory, either visiting, awaiting judgment or eternally inhabiting (if one can feasible inhabit purgatory).

-Judgment-- I want judgment of the bad as well as the good. Maybe films with scenes where characters realise there life through their judgment, in the afterlife or otherwise.

-Afterlife-- Specifically the transition to the afterlife. What would it look/feel like? I'd love to find a film where characters don't realise they are dead, but are unkwowingly awaiting judgment or a movement to their afterlife.

Also, I could do with finding a film where several charcters meet on their way to the afterlife, either in purgatory, or along the way.

Any ideas? Simply name some films that you feel contain some of the above themes.
If no films come to mind (I severely doubt you'll let me down) how about books, shorts, television shows, or comics.


Re: Short films featuring purgatory, judgment, and/or the afterlife?

check this one out. i think it fits more of your purgatory theme.

Re: Short films featuring purgatory, judgment, and/or the afterlife?

Can't believe no one has offered you any help yet, these boards have been pretty good in my experience, but I've been pretty busy and haven't been on 'em much last several months.
I'm not a big one to remember alot of what you're asking for, but shades of a few come to mind.There's a site called "Jinni" and you can do a search and it will bring you examples(its for you to buy them I think, try
Do you want serious only or just a wide swatch of info? There was Meet Joe Black which may give you some info,a while back there was one with Warren Beatty as a football player, another with Merryl Streep and a comedian(Richard Brooks?)that was interesting and funny.There was that one with Robin Williams who "goes" in after his dead wife and kid that had some cool ideas and serious moments.Of course "Ghost" with Swayze was good.There was many others but like I said, I don't remember the names and such off hand.I should tho, cause I'm in pre-production of one myself that is basically how a guy figured out how to come back and he causes alot of disruption to the people who live in his old house.Its a fresh idea, sounds lame here, but can't tell the "meat" of it.
Good Luck!

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