Short Films : 'The Patient' looking for some IMDB reviews

'The Patient' looking for some IMDB reviews

Hi all,
I am looking for some reviews of a film my company help to film a couple months ago. I am more then willing to swap reviews/rates from other film makers, who review our film.

I would post a link of a copy of my film on this message however due to copyright issue I cannot. (it is split between my company and another)
But if you are willing/want to swap reviews, here our directions below to see our film--

To watch a copy you have to purchase it though IndieFlix.
The download is only $1.95

Here is trailer for it that is on you tube.

Here is the imdb page info.

Let me know if your willing and Ill watch/review/rate your film in next couple days


ps. Indieflix is great site for anybody just interested in Indy films overall.