The Late Show with Stephen Colbert : Trevor Noah rocks!

Trevor Noah rocks!

What a quick wit! No pandering with him, he really tells it like it is. I loved this episode of the Late Show, you know, with words, instead of silly skits. (Although of all of the late light shows Colbert does serious/silly the best.) I would love to see more talk on late night talk shows. If you are going to have a guest, it is nice to get some sense of who that person is, and what they think and that is what we got with the interview with Noah Trevor.

Re: Trevor Noah rocks!

They're both soon to be ex talk show hosts, so they have that in common. They're also both going out of their way to crap on Stewart's legacy, specifically by ignoring his award winning writing hires, in favor of people that couldn't write their way out of a paper bag.

Did anyone happen to catch the fact that Trevor, up until recently, had never even seen the Colbert Report? That explains a LOT. Of course he passed it off with a lame excuse of "we don't get the Colbert Report in South Africa." Yeah, right. Do you not get the internet, either?

Trevor had never seen the Colbert Report, because, that's not his thing. He's not about political satire- at all. He can kiss up to Stephen from now until the cows come home, but nothing's going to change the fact that he is, personally, taking the daily show from biting political satire to immature fallonesque drivel.

The only redeeming factor in this equation is that, like Colbert, the viewers are responding with a resounding "no." Fallon can be a successful imbecile, but, if you've got an audience who've cut their teeth on brilliance, they're going to change the channel when confronted with either Stephen's spinelessness or Trevor's anti-intellectualism.

Re: Trevor Noah rocks!

Yeah that interview was a trainwreck.

Re: Trevor Noah rocks!

Noah is so unbearable... the worst part for me is his horrible imitation of Jon Stewart. You're not him Trevor and all your timings are wrong. You should've tried to find your own style, which seems to be dry deadpan wit. the Stewart thing isn't working at all for him and he should've realized that by now, but I saw a clip recently and he is still doing that pathetic schtick.