Short Films : Please Check out my Movie Trailer

Please Check out my Movie Trailer

Hello my fellow film fanatics! How are you today? I'd like to share this mock movie trailer I made the other day in an attempt to get some help financing and producing a film I am currently writing. (Not related to this trailer at all) I just wanted to share this with you guys for some feedback. (Both positive and negative are welcome) I shot this with my little Sony Handycam so it's not the best shooting quality. (DPs, please cut me a little slack) I come from a background of working on a lot of music video and commercial sets as PA and Grip and most recently AC. But I've always wanted to Direct and Stunt Coordinate. I directed a few low budget (no budget) videos, but as you can imagine, I can only do so much for rappers. So now I'm trying to take that leap into narratives. Hopefully, when my script is done I can at least get a short film into a festival. Wish me luck. Thanks for watching. Take Care and happy shooting everyone!

A Movie Trailer - (sorry I don't know how to make this clickable)