Short Films : Vote for my Short Film!

Vote for my Short Film!

Hey, everybody!

I entered my short film, Asleep with the Angels, into's Get It Made competition. The top prize is a $200,000 budget to turn the short into a feature.

The top five films are determined by popular vote, then the judges decide. We can't do anything about the latter part, but I need your help for the former.

Go to
In the bottom, left corner of the video window are five stars.
Click the fifth star, turning them all yellow.
If you're already a member of, you're done.
Otherwise, click the "Join Now" link on the window that pops up.
Follow those instructions, then return to, to make sure your vote counted.

It'll only take a few minutes, and they don't send spam. The deadline is July 31st.

Thanks for your help!