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Looking for a Short film

All right, about a year, maybe a year and a half ago I was watching the IFC channel with their Short Film Showcase and saw a film that I loved. Now I'm trying to find it again, but I'm not having much luck, so I'm hoping someone might know what I'm looking for with these details:
Again, I saw it about at most a year and a half ago. It was about a guy sitting in a restaurant and he sees a girl across the way sitting by herself. He gets up and goes over to try and talk to her, instead making a bit of an ass out of himself. It then cuts back to him back at his seat, showing that it was just what he imagines would happen if he would go over and talk to her. For the next couple of minutes the routine continues, each time with a different approach tactic, but always the same outcome of sounding stupid. As the short ends, he gives up on thinking of a way to approach her and goes back to (I think) reading. At this time the camera shifts to her point of view and reveals her walking up to the guy to talk to him, all while the surrounding people start to laugh at her attempt. It then cuts to her back in her seat, showing that she's going through the same scenarios in her head. It ends with one of them leaving while the other continues to look at him/her.

If anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated.

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