Short Films : 'Dead of the Night' - My first (supernatural) short film!

'Dead of the Night' - My first (supernatural) short film!

Looking to get some constructive feedback on my first short film which was made as part of my university degree, back in March.

The film is about a young couple who escape to an idylic cottage home in the countryside to be closer with each other, only to find out that they might not be the only people in the house...

It's a horror/romance/supernatural type of thing.
Runtime: 17 minutes

Re: 'Dead of the Night' - My first (supernatural) short film!

To try and be constructive as much as i can, it dragged slightly and to be honest i didnt feel like there was much of a pay off at the end.Maybe trimming it down 5 minutes or so will help the pacing of the short.

What did you shoot it on?

From what i can see, unless im wrong, you used just natural light and prop lights to light the scenes and not much was used in the way of technical lighting if this is the case then well done youve done a real good job.

('well done youve done a good job' sounds patronising, i dont know how else to put it though as im terrible at constructive criticism and im a fairly new filmaker myself)

Anyway keep up the good work

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