Short Films : Peanut Butter Bandit comedy short

Peanut Butter Bandit comedy short

Some friends and I were bored, so we decided to create some comedy videos. I enjoy writing, so I began working on the scripts, of which this series is the first. My friend Rob enjoys editing so he handles all that and the camera work, but he will occasionally have a funny bit role.

"Peanut Butter Bandit" is a three-part comedy series, and in my opinion, each part shows a different style of comedy. It's all quite weird or dark. Both words I've heard used to describe my work.

Part I: The Beginning

A man comes running out of the tree line, and he's being chased by a guy with a jar of peanut butter. What happens next?

Part II: Dale's Master Plan

After a series of grisly murders, a corrupt news anchorman decides to take advantage of the situation and further his own agenda by adding a sexual spin to the news story.

Part III: A Tale Of Revenge

After being emasculated by Dale E. Newstory, Dr. Albert Milton swears to get revenge. The Peanut Butter Bandit arrives to take his latest victim: Dale E. Newstory.

Any comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy!


Part 1 of Peanut Butter Bandit 2 has been released.