Short Films : The Car Wash: a short film

The Car Wash: a short film

Checkout my new film "The Car Wash." I'd love your thoughts; best wishes and good luck in the New Year!

An elderly woman (Edith Ivey, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button) visits the local Car Wash and Lube to connect with the world closing in around her.

Starring Edith Ivey, John C. Arnold, Kelley Callaway, and Greg Purcell. The Car Wash is written, directed, and produced by James Kicklighter (Theater of the Mind, Di Passaggio).

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Good dialogue. But overall, quite dull. Whichever format you shot on didn't seem too impressive, and I don't think the lead actor conveyed the sympathetic dialogue he was saying too well. He just didn't feel right in the film. Someone else should have had his role.

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Thanks for your feedback! It was shot on standard HD for less than $1000. If there had been more money, we might have done it a different way.

Happy New Year!

- James

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would you do an IMDB review or give a rating for my first short if I send you the link?

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Nice piece. Great opening sequence.

Matt Anderson MPP

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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! If you have a few moments, please take some time to review it, that would be tremendously helpful.

It looks like you're doing some interesting things yourself!


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Sure I am interested in helping out.
However I'd like to swap reviews, but if we swap stuff I cannot send you a copy of my film due to copyright issue. (it is split between my company and another)
But if you are willing/want to, here our directions below to see our film--

To watch a copy you have to purchase it though IndieFlix.
The download is only $1.95

Here is trailer for it that is on you tube.

Here is the imdb page info.

Let me know if your willing and Ill watch/review/rate your film in next couple days


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I rated it pal, thought it was a good idea for a film, well put together, good actors etc :)

Keep up the good work!

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