Poldark : Season 3 Airing Speculation

Season 3 Airing Speculation


It does sound like others are speculating Season 3 may air this Spring..but my guess islate spring if it does. I hoe so.

Funny how Aidan is discussing a time jump with his age in one of the books and doesn't think he can pull of the age of 50's....but surely he is kidding. I mean there is the magic of makeup and all that.

Re: Season 3 Airing Speculation

I'd say the latest the'd do in the spring would be a April/May run, but as they are still filming and there's loads of post-production to complete and they don't film episodically, I can't see how they'd do it in time.

Avoid the pressure and let it stay in it's new autumn Sunday night home on BBC
1, Poldark can well stand up to the competition of Victoria on ITV - that's what started all these rumours in the first place, the so called 'clash' of the two shows, why should BBC yield? they're not dependant on advertising.