Poldark : Elizabeth spoiler from The Angry Tide

Elizabeth spoiler from The Angry Tide

I really didn't think Book Elizabeth did anything so horrible to deserve to die in such a horrible way. Couldn't they have just had her bleed to death after giving birth? It would have been a more merciful death than having her body rotting on her while she was still alive. What the heck did the guy give her that made that happen to her?

I think what made me find her death so horrible was that Ossie Whitworth who was a disgusting pig that repeatedly raped his wife and even tried to get someone to say she was insane when she wouldn't let him touch her so he could put her away in a nuthouse had a pretty merciful death. All he did was fall off his horse and break his neck. Someone like Whitworth deserved such a horrible death as that. He deserved to suffer more than he did.

There were other characters far worse than Elizabeth that deserved to die like that more than Elizabeth did.