Poldark : Watching Poldark

Watching Poldark

Gives a greater appreciation of the myriad of US series available 😀

Nero Wolfe or Poirot

Scott and Bailey or Cagney and Lacey

Northern Exposure or Doc Martin

Coen Bros, Woody Allen, Robert Altman, Mike Nichols, or JF, DA.

Indian Sumnmers or Nothing.

We've had our share of embarrassing series, and as noted the UK shares it, with Poldark as one of the examples.

Complete misread by DH and the producers. Did you truly believe you could sell this series in the US based on sexism, misogyny, and class superiority/inferiority? 2016?

A few scenes with snappy dialogue or emotionally sappy scenes replete with inconsistent characters does not a series make.

Ross to the dying or dead Francis ... Why didn't you learn to swim?

(It never occurs to the proselytizing intellectualizing idiot he bears responsibility, as the older of the two, to teach his cousin how to swim.)