Poldark : Nicholas Warleggan (Spoilers)

Nicholas Warleggan (Spoilers)

The great reveal! Who can handle the suspense!

GW's father speaks of the men in Elizabeth's life who worship her. Truly the holy trinity of men! She is the, "damsel in distress," who must be rescued to advance the egos of the men who kneel at her altar.

And added to the, "suspense," a favorite word of WG, is Ross's fantasy, Francis's need for validation and George's need for power and revenge.

(Egad, I would have loved this series in fourth grade, had I not been reading
Poe, Steinbeck, Shakespeare.) 😀

Re: Nicholas Warleggan (Spoilers)

I miss Nicholas Warleggan in this series. I would have much preferred his character to that of Carey Warleggan.