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Book summaries

For those of us who like spoilers, csn a good summary for each book be found anywhere? I'm particularly wondering how long it will be until Ross and Demelza reconcile, and how that takes place. I'm really hoping an actual apology happens at some point. Everything he says in episode 9 makes it so much worse! Right now I'm kind of over Ross and hoping Demelza runs off with Dwight!

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I actually had a hard time with this myself. In the end I was able to find most of the info I wanted to find the Winston Graham Society Appreciation message board, Goodreads threads and Ellen and Jim wordpress blog. I was able to gleam a lot of good info about the reconciliation and Book 5, and a little bit less about the rest of the series

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Ellen Moody (of the Ellen and Jim Have a Blog) has elaborate summaries of each novel among her voluminous Poldark writings. It's possible that she has written more about Poldark than any other person alive, including summaries, analyses, essays, comparison of the novels and both TV adaptations, lecture notes, academic research papers (yes, really), etc. It can be hard to find specific material on her website because there's so much there.