Poldark : Warleggan Future (Spoilers)

Warleggan Future (Spoilers)

I read the last 50 or so pages of The Angry Tide, Winston Grahams final book in Series One.

Irony and humor play a role in whether or not I'll enjoy a dramatic series. I'm still laughing at WG'S humor in TAT.

Elizabeth marries George gives birth to a daughter and chooses the name Ursula. She names the child after her godmother. The humor? Elizabeth's godmother was a,"feminist". 😀

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You lost me there?

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Elizabeth's mother, when told (by George) that Elizabeth's baby had been born, was a girl and was to be named Ursula informed George that the woman was Morwenna's Godmother and was what today we'd call a feminist. George bristles.

Dr Jason Bull: Don't give up on people, they're all we've got.

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Lol well my son called Scott but he never been to the Antartic😂

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George, ever the progressive in support of human/women's equality. 😀

WG was a writer atypical of his time. US radio soaps of the

40's ... 50's are a mirror of his dramatic writing style.