BritComs : has supernatual gotten worse?

has supernatual gotten worse?

Im a big fan of supernatural and think the first 5 season are great, especially season 5. Season 6 wasn't amazing but I thought season 7 was decent. But ever since then i personally think the show has gone down hill. I know they are running out of ideas and that is probably then main reason but I would still like other opinions on the show?

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IMO, they need to bring Bobby Singer back to life AGAIN and to stay this time !!! With Jim Beaver's 1000's of Facebook and Twitter followers, they would have a blockbuster smash on their hands. OH !! just had a thought ... a Theatrical release film .... =) BUT they would probably have someone else play Bobby Singer so... nevermind 😖

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Pssst .. Leon ... just noticed .. why are we posting in BritComs ? ooops