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Dropped From the Sky

I'm trying to find the original animated short "Dropped From the Sky" and hope somebody can help. It was all over cable back during the mid-80's and it starts off with a space ship on a barren alien planet leaving behind a Coke bottle just before liftoff. As the film progresses, it shows the bacteria inside the bottle beginning a process of evolution that evolves into the most primitive of creatures to marching dinosaurs to ape and finally to man. The original film is done to Ravel's Bolero but has been redone in some kind of a funky mix and I can't find the Bolero version anywhere.


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I know exactly the film you're talking about. But, I can't remember any identifying information about it, sorry. The only thing I can say is, as I remember it, it wasn't a short film in and of itself, but part of full-length film that was made up of a series of animated vignettes. Although, I can't be sure now if ALL of the vignettes were animated - it may have been a mix of animated and live action films. You might want to try directing your search efforts toward such longer length, compilation films.

Also... I can't be entirely certain as it has been so long since I've seen it (back in the 1980s sometime), but, for some reason, I seem to remember something associated with the film mentioning that it was Italian - not sure if it was the entire film that may have been an Italian production, or just that segment. Again, my memory is very shaky, but I *think* I remember something about that particular segment being mentioned as a submission, or contribution, from Italy.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Heh. I just saw your other message you posted to the forum that someone already answered. ...nevermind, then. :)