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Short film 'Violet'

Hi there,

I am wondering if anyone knows where I could locate a copy of the short film "Violet," which was a 1981 short film directed by Shelley Levinson and which won an Oscar for Best Short Subject in 1982 - or who I could possibly contact to try to track down a copy of this film.

Alternatively, I'm also wondering if anyone here has seen the short film and could describe it for me. Specifically, does the actress who plays Violet in the film (Didi Conn) have a physical scar on her face to depict the scar in the storyline, or is the scar left to the viewer's imagination (which was what they did in the later Broadway shows)?

Thanks very much in advance for any info you can give me on this!

Re: Short film 'Violet'

A lot more difficult than expected . I'm an old Didi Conn fan and thought this would be easy , and I'm sure it was on Youtube for awhile . Some dodgy free movie sites supposedly had it but avoid them , and no torrents I could spot either . This was the only link I could find , and I guess you could contact them to make you a copy . Keep Looking and Good Hunting CR !

Re: Short film 'Violet'

Paislene - thank you so, so, SO MUCH for looking for me and responding. That was really nice of you and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!!! I'm completely obsessed with "Violet" (after seeing the Broadway show this summer and falling in love with it) and have looked everywhere for the short film.

I'm going to contact the Center for Advanced Film Studies, The American Film Institute, and see if I can somehow pay for a copy of the short film.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!