Short Films : uploaded a few films to youtube

uploaded a few films to youtube

I've recently uploaded some of my work to youtube. Would welcome some feedback.

Two of the films were funded on overdraft and one was funded by the government. Thanks in advance

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I'm assuming Rollmance was government funded . Unfortunately , Feedback and Musketeer come across as an effort done by a part-time theatrical club . Right , your creative idea for each is okay . Casting and camera work is reasonable . Audio for Muskeeter and Feedback is not good . Fighting in Muskeeter is amateurish . There must be lots of practice and lots of effort . Rollmance is about the human expression of physicality . All the discussion is the background to the act . You have to eventually see the lovers enjoying themselves . So , like all of us here who love movies and want to be involved in the production , sometimes we have to make our passion a part-time or weekend career till we can get the necessary experience ? But here are some links to part-time work being done by movie fans in Australia -

Novr being made in and around Sydney , I believe -


Bellflower A long series being made in and around Melbourne -

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Hey thanks for the reply. Musketeer and Feedback are very early work. Rollmance is a while ago now. The Musketeer ladies did have some fight training but it was cheaper to buy fake replica's that were blunted instead of aluminium fakes. Each sword was actually quite heavy.

I disagree with your opinion on Rollmance but I understand what you're saying. It was my response to 3 short films I saw where each time a disabled person killed themselves at the end of the film. I was going for a romantic tone I felt showing the act was unnecessary and off putting for an audience.

Currently working towards another short and then hopefully my first feature.

You can view my short films here.

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Don't let me put you off ! I like the sweet ending of Rollmance . I only thought with extra expression , it would make for a more involving finish . As the filmmaker , you have to show your vision in your own style . But there is a lot to prepare for as a director - story , production team , location , actors ! And then , there are the tastes of the movie fans !

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Nothing could put me off film making, I love it. Which is the most important thing.

You can view my short films here.