Short Films : A Final Short For 2008

A Final Short For 2008

It's called "The Presence" and I hope you enjoy it. If not, please keep the insults clean... :D

Thanks for checking it out, (if you did) and for everyone...have a happy holiday season and have a great Thanksgiving!

Re: A Final Short For 2008

Okay so I looked at it then noticed your post was a year old.Maybe you're on another planet by now, but anyway here goes...
1.I read the youtube comments, some pretty much on the money, but they gotta bear in mind that you are trying and I personally have found that it indeed takes a great deal of effort, especially in my case where I did my 1st project totally solo, with the exception of 2 hired actresses.You made that effort and I applaude you for that.

2.There were few odd things I remember-
Going down the stairs the camera turns as if to see or look at something then it simply goes to another scene, that lost me there.When he first gets there he sits in a chair and takes off his shoes.Something I have found to pay attention to is watch for horizontal lines in the background to make sure your shot is level.If your shot was purposely askew it wasn't tipped enough.
What was the deal with him looking in the mirrors alot.I didn't catch that.
What was he there for? His look didn't fit the house.
When he was talking to his sweetie on the phone, I would have dubbed in her responses.Bob Newhart can pull off the one ended phone conversation, but in this case, it didn't tell us anything, and seemed somewhat pointless.

3. I agree there should have been some music. Seems there was an odd sound but at one point when he went upstairs I thought you forgot to turn off the central air before the shot.In my short there were these darn sicada bugs going thru their waving cycle of noise, but now in post(still editing)the viewer won't know that and may in fact think the noise is coming from a ceiling fan thats in the shot.DooooH!

4.In the dark shots, use some light and bring it back down in post.It won't get grainy that way, but will the other way around if you try to lighten it(again I am just learning this crap myself, and found out the hard way)

5.I can't believe I'm answering a year old I'm outa here.Anyway, best of luck with future projects. Maybe our paths will cross oneday, and not in an unemployment line!

"Ever had a good Swiss watch?"
(Red River-1948)

Re: A Final Short For 2008

Don't feel bad. I'm replying SIX years later! Ha haaaa!!!

I'm definitely taking your tips into consideration. I'm going to release it again and tighten the editing and add music. It did do well on it's original run but these days Vines are popular and it's asking a lot for folks to sit through a 10 minute short.

I hope you're still going at it as well. I still am...and that's something I'm proud of...

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Yes, a long time has passed my friend. I am still at it. Still struggling with trying to make a successful short. Have over 500 vids online to date but mostly related to the music biz. Tried a couple more times to make a short but mainly boiled down to lack of finances. I was thinking about getting back with this site just recently as I had drifted away to other things, so was a little shocked as well as pleased to get a message from here. Must be a sign I say!

Anyway, yea, good for you! Let me know when you do that(tho I don't do any of that new fangled stuff like Vine) and I'd be glad to give you an honest opinion. I'm glad you took the time to even message me. I guess I must have said something that stood out in your mind, and for that, I am proud of as well, haha. Appreciate it.

If you desire to see any of my work, search for 'life goes on productions' on Youtube and I also have a dot com of that same name now too.

Till then!