Short Films : What was that film?

What was that film?

Hello there,

Last time I was remembering of a short film I watch when I was a kid, in the beginnings of the 90s. I often think of that film because the story was so strange, even if I just watch it once.

There was those two guys who visited a professor/friend laboratory. But there was nobody there and the place seems to be abandoned, the light was broken.
So they checked in the lab and they found dead dissected animals. The weird things about the animals where there huge size: a rat as big as a dog and other giant animals.
The final scene shows the two guys looking for the elevator. Then a giant spider fall instead of the elevetor cabine, as big as it and capture the guys then take them upstairs.
The final plan is the torch falling on the floor with some blood.

That's it.
In fact I'm obsess with this movie for and long time so I try to get some help here... Maybe someone knows what was the name or if I can watch it somewhere. Maybe someone did see this short film too.

Any answers would be great! Thanks!