Short Films : An Elephant In Doctors Room

An Elephant In Doctors Room

Scientists, were so pre-occupied with whether, or not they could. They did not stop, to think if they should. Its ironic, a fantasy movie. Aptly, describes the medical crisis we face today, I am talking about Ebola, and antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

Humanity is now facing a mortal enemy that surpasses our own Intelligence. A tiny microorganism, that has indeed, brought us to our knees.

It has learned from us, adapted to us, and now exploits our genetic vulnerability, with lethal precision. As the death toll mounts, our greed, addiction toward, over enthusiastic urge to encourage consultation, perform tests, procedures, hospitalization and antibiotic abuse escalates at, alarming rates.

Pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers, government and even some doctors reject this. Elephant, in the room.

By not guarding the miracle drug as custodians, we allowed antibiotics to, fatten chickens, treat animals, encouraging nurses use our clinical skill to diagnose illness, prescribe drugs, and chemist to sell antibiotics without prescription.

We have now lost the only drug that helped us fight infections, learn more about our body, make advances in medicine possible, perform surgical procedures, transplant surgery, IVF and, Save millions of people.

Dr Maya for you and Maya Dr for doctors
is simple App to help us create a network of doctors and patients from all over the world.

By monitoring three symptoms, Dr Maya will initially identify infected individuals and help doctors isolate them to protect healthcare workers and you. This we hope will prevent countries, hospitals and individuals conceal truth about emerging and antibiotic resistant bacterial infections to abort epidemics and endemics in the future.

Using Advances in Communication Technology, I hope to offer Basic healthcare, to fellow human, reduce cost of healthcare, Cross infections that is inflicting Pain and Suffering all over the world.

I need help and support to make my vision "Bring Tears of Happiness" a reality.

Dr Kadiyali M Srivatsa
Doctors, Author and Political Activist

MAYA - Bring Tears Of Happiness (2016)
MAYA - Fighting Infections Saving Lives (2016, Indian ed)
MAYA - Bring Pain And Sorrow (Soon to be released)