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Short film in works

My new short film coming in 2017 takes it's inspiration from movies such as The Matrix, Inception and Fight Club. The film is named Cerpicio and it is based on Descarte's theory of The Evil Demon. It follows Tom, a young man with not much going for him in his life until he learns of a new ability he has to see things that others can't when he meets a stranger in a mask while in a dream. Here is the link to the imdb page and official instagram page

I really hope you all are enticed by the storyline and I hope you will remember it on the day of release! Thank you

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Nice poster! Day of release...will it be available on vimeo or youtube?

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Shooting starts this spring. Day of release is pending but shooting towards something in late summer, early fall. It will be available on both youtube and vimeo and you can find any other information on the official instagram page here Thanks for your interest I really appreciate it!!! Please follow the account and make sure to share if you can!