BritComs : Inside No. 9 'A Quiet Night In'

Inside No. 9 'A Quiet Night In'

Thought this was a brilliant virtually silent episode and more L of G than the first one....

Errors in this "synopsis":-

Inept burglars Eddie and Ray manage to break into the beautiful country mansion where millionaire Eddie and his trophy wife Sabrina are arguing over the television remote. After an accident (not really) with one of Gerald's dogs and avoiding being caught by the oriental housekeeper they(No! His wife packs the suitcase) fill a suit-case full of spoils and are about to escape when they find that Gerald has accidentally(No!) killed his wife. More mayhem ensues after the arrival of the supposedly deaf mute cleaning product salesman Paul.

Good twists, with a double one at the end, and Oona Chaplin - Wow!

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Shearsmith and Pemberton are comedic geniuses as far as I'm concerned. The only episode of No.9 I found lacking was Last Gasp, and even then the concept was still very smart. A Quiet Night In and the episode after that, Tom and Gerri, have been my favourites so far.

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I liked Last Gasp a lot. The absolute scheming conniving unrepentant immorality caught me way off guard!

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I began start Yesterday my vision.
I like, is Brilliant, Dark Humor, good Cast.

We are the rejected,the humiliated,we are the outcasts.We are the monsters that you created#TheFinal