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Gavin + Stacey

I was just listening to an interview Howard Stern did with James Corden, host of The Late Late Show here in the U.S.
Corden is new to me and like most Americans he didn't show up on my radar until his Carpool Karaoke segments started showing up on YouTube.
In the interview he said he used to be on a series called Gavin & Stacey which at one time was the highest rated sitcom in the UK
Have any of you seen it?
I like this guy a lot and I love British humor so I might track it down if it's worth a look.


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I love Gavin & Stacey. I became a fan back in '07 when the series first came out.

Warning-the US (region 1) DVDs are edited, mostly because the US distributor was too cheap to license the music that was originally used in the series, so they replaced some of it and left a lot of it out. They had to cut some scenes each season because characters sang some of the music they didn't license.

The streaming versions (netflix, amazon, itunes) also have this problem.

The UK DVDs are the complete original eps.but you have to have the ability to play dvds that are not region 1.

The title characters are really fun, but the supporting characters are my faves: Gavin's mum and dad; their neighbors, Dawn and Pete; Stacey's mum; her neighbor, Doris; Stacey's uncle Bryn; etc. So fun!

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Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply
I have to check it out

I think that was the same problem they had with getting happy days released on DVD. There were so many old 50's songs played on the show they couldn't get them cleared for the DVD release

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Yeah, that's what happened to WKRP in Cincinnati. For years, they couldn't release the video/DVD, then they released one with different music. I heard that they recently released the series with all the original music; I can only imagine how much it costs, after having to pay the license fees for all those songs.