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Twilight Zone Astronaut Tribute

I'm trying to verify a hazy childhood memory. During one of our early spaceflights, a special broadcast of the pilot episode of the original "The Twilight Zone" was dedicated to the astronauts by Rod Serling himself. The episode is entitled "Where Is Everybody?" and stars Earl Holliman as a prospective astronaut undergoing isolation training. The reason this is so important to me is that I watched it with my now deceased father. I was 10 years old and did not at all understand what was happening in the episode. Mr. Holliman finds himself in a small town that is completely deserted. When the revelation that he was in an isolation box came, I was totally lost. How could that town be in that tiny box? My Dad explained that the town only existed in his mind. This basically spawned my love of science fiction. I thought it was when Apollo 8 was orbiting the moon, but that was after TZ had gone off the air. It must have been during a Gemini flight. Does anyone else remember this broadcast? This is very important to me. Any help will be profoundly appreciated.

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