Fantasy : Nightbreed (1990)

Nightbreed (1990)

One of my favorite horror and fantasy films ever! this is Barker's most underrated film and quite an imaginative film with an excellent performance by David Cronenberg (director of The Fly, Scanners, The Brood, History of Violence, Videodrome etc.) who plays Deckar the doll-masked killer/psychologist who knows the secret of the monster society.

I saw this in theaters 3 times when i was 8 years old and even had a t-shirt yet i still own the comics and CD soundtrack plus i had a poster plus some Fangoria issues about it as i collected Fangoria since i was 4 with Starlog as well.

It's based on Clive Barker's published book in 1988 Cabal as Barker decided to do a film version of his book the same year for an August 1989 release date for Fox/Morgan Creek as he filmed it then was forced to reshoot the film in August 1989 for a different version and his other version was not seen again as the film felt incomplete when it came out in Februrary 1990. Recently since 2010 the original cut has been found and has been in the works since 2011 for 2 and a half year to have both theatrical and original footage spliced into the film to make a longer cut with stuff never seen before plus does more explaining about the monsters of Midian.

The new Cabal cut has been shown in film festivals and midnight shows thanks to Occupy Films and Clive himself and around Halloween, Scream Factory with Warner/Morgan creek are gonna release the Director's Cut from found footage that was found and the original camera negative of the original cut to the public at last just like Scream/Anchor Bay/Starz joined together to bring Halloween 6 The Producer's Cut on blu-ray with a quality resoration and are doing a quality restoration to the original director's cut of the film and the theatrical cut for the 3-disc LE which is cheaper on some other places online but luckily i got it and i watched both cuts, the new cut is superior to the TC as it's a very different movie and helps it better.

And who else thinks the film has the feel of Guillermo Del Toro's films and could had been one of the inspirations behind Hellboy (comics and movies) and Pan's Labyrinth? i mean Mike Mignolia and Guillermo Del Toro are both fans of Barker and i think they could also be Nightbreed fans. I mean there are some similarities to Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth in Nightbreed. It also has the feel of Island of Dr. Moreau and Beetlejuice.
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Dugged the hell of it, it felt like a macabre version of Star Wars.

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Seen the DC?

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Yes I have at least online.

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I love Night Breed because it is fascinating to think that there is another species, so to speak, that shares this world with us, and has to remain hidden to escape our prejudice and fear.