The End of the Tour : The dancing scene at the end

The dancing scene at the end

The dancing scene at the end felt like a wrong note. I know it was supposed to be somehow life-affirming or celebrating the human side of him or something, but it's now known that DFW lied about going to dancing. Instead he was actually going to an AA meeting, but didn't want to tell the reporter so he lied about the dancing. The short glimpses of DFW dancing at the end feel false and goofy because of this. Otherwise I really liked the movie but the sentimental ending scene with the ridicilous dancing was horrible.

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We've discussed that scene a few times here. Please listen to Ponsoldt's commentary about that scene and the sh-- that he has taken for it. He seems to imply (but would never outright state) something that I and other people have written: even though it's written in the script as literal, it's actually representative of Wallace's higher ideal, which he achieved in the afterlife. It's why it's in slow motion and is one of the very rare times when Wallace is smiling in the movie.

EDIT: also, please note that when Wallace discusses the "dance" Ponsoldt cut back to Eisenberg/Lipsky in the present for a reason-- Lipsky's expression seems to emote, "wow... was that... bullsh--?" It was actually quite a bit of technical brilliance.

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That's actually even worse if it's supposed to be some naive afterlife party.

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