The End of the Tour : just finished watching it.

just finished watching it.

so sad :(

f-cking love Infinite Jest and DFdubs. I read the script to this a while back but damn damn sad.

anyone who loved dfw should check out this interview with his sister. its amazing and also ridiculously sad but its so damn good to hear about him and his life from sisters point of view:

this is a great interview with dfdubs too:

"The End Of The Tour" just reminded me the the first Kate Gompert chapter of Infinite Jest like the entire time. The description of depression in that chapter is so beautiful and real and amazing and you can tell he's just pull straight from his life and this movie is just potent with that. I couldn't help but think of the Kate Gompert side of DFW throughout this whole film.

i wish he was still around :(

that movie made me so damn sad and i knew it would but i just wish he was still here. brilliant man.

"when you got movies like tom cruise in them, you can't go wrong."

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I feel you. The movie made me cry which is rare nowadays with movies

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I concur with your assessments. All who dissent in their naive opinion shall be subjected immediately to thorough technical interview.

On a serious note this is well worth a watch if you're a DFW fan.

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DonGately : thanks so much for providing the YouTube links, I listened to them immediately after watching the movie which made the experience twice as enriching. Very nice of you to provide topical and very entertaining programs.

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I just finished too. this movie is amazing.
segel in super amazing and the interaction between them is great.
i will now read infinite jest.